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Back in April, the fantastic news of the Netflix based Full House spin-off Fuller House reached our ears, and we all rejoiced with the thought of John Stamos' hair making another reappearance in our life. However, just one week after the news, it looked like the Lifetime channel was keen to cash in on the resurgence of the series with the announcement that the Unauthorized Full House movie was in the works.

Now, two months after that announcement we've got our first glimpse at the film with a 46 second long teaser clip that premiered on Buzzfeed Entertainment. Take a look at the scene below which shows a recreation of a scene that will be familiar to many fans of the original series:

Full House fans, watch the first clip from Lifetime's "The Unauthorized Full House Story"

Posted by BuzzFeed Entertainment on Wednesday, 29 July 2015

That was totally bizarre, right?

The scene has appearances from all our old faves including Danny, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle Tanner, as well as Uncle Jesse and Joey. However aside from recreating the show that we all saw on TV in the '80s and '90s, the movie will also show the behind-the-scenes drama, as shown at the end of the clip when the actor playing Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) talks to his on-screen daughter about strippers. Yeah, that was weird.

To Lifetime's credit, they seem to have nailed the casting, with the actors bearing a pretty decent resemblance to the original cast of the show, but I'm pretty sure that's where the comparisons will end.

The decision by Lifetime to make a film about Full House hasn't been a popular one, with fans of the show heartily opposing it, not to mention John Stamos himself tweeting his disdain, which he later deleted:

An air date for the Full House tell-all movie is yet to be announced, though I'm sure when it does finally air it will have a huge number of curious fans at the ready to share their opinions with everyone and anyone.

Source: Buzzfeed Entertainment


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