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The novelty of seeing our favorite Disney characters magically whisked into reality never gets old and, although we have seen some truly stunning creations before, these princely offerings from Finnish artist Jirka Väätäinen might just be the most charming yet.

Coaxing the Princes out of the Magic Kingdom with photo-manipulation and digital painting, Väätäinen has created some of the most charismatic (not to mention hot!) Disney princes I have ever seen, and if they look familiar to you, it's probably because he is also responsible for these iconic renditions of princesses.

So, prepare for your crushes on animated men to grow to even more embarrassing levels as you peruse through this portfolio of ravishing Disney royalty to find out which prince you'd like to come for you one day.

Prince Eric

Looking like the sort of dude who would wow your parents, buy you a puppy for Christmas and squeeze you fresh orange juice every morning, Prince Eric is a real wholesome hottie.

John Smith

John Smith probably spends a lot of time basking in his own splendor in front of the mirror, but as long as you get to indulge in the back view, who cares?!

Prince Phillip

It looks like Prince Phillip has been buying his threads from Kanye's fashion range which might be a bit of an oversight, but this adventurous side to his personality could be useful in other areas. *wink*


If Tarzan swung into my house and shattered my screen doors in the process, I wouldn't even be mad. '


Those kindly brown eyes could thaw even the iciest of hearts in one blink.

Prince Charming

If you want to have 10 ponies and a super babe to go with them, Prince Charming is your guy. This dude looks like he practically sweats money.

Beast/Prince Adam

When I was a kid, I was always so disappointed when the badass Beast turned into the pouty prince...Now, I've changed my mind about the whole thing. And yes, yes, I know he's not technically called Prince Adam, but that's basically his name now according to Joe public.


Hercules looks like a Greek statue came to life, it's just a shame he's wearing quite a lot more clothes!

Which Disney prince would you like to live happily ever after with?

(Source: Imgur via Jirkavinse)


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