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Yup, that title did indeed say 'Smash Bros in real life.' This video could almost come to us direct from our own imaginations. The clever cloggs over at SoKrispyMedia have brought many a gamer's fantasy to life in this hilarious first person battle.

This latest nugget of gaming gold is a brilliant amalgamation of virtual reality and POV Smash Bros combat. We are most likely seeing this for the first and last time as this classic game is likely never to see a first person mode, it would quite simply be too exhausting.

They may be able to introduce a VR, first person mode for inclusion at the olympics but that's about it.

POV combat.
POV combat.

The video showcases a fight between Mario and Link, the editing of original sound effects and movements are to be admired considering this video comes from the fans. The trademark moves are spot on, including the way in which Link recoils after a strike is landed.

The concept of viewpoint is another brilliant addition to the video. We see the majority of the battle through the eyes of the player but we get some superb periodic cuts to another viewpoint which shows us how this epic confrontation appears in real life.

Oh, and this video has a guest star... Hell hath no fury like a Kirby scorned (apparently).

Another great piece of brand new and totally unique gaming footage coming deep from within the fandom of video games.

Personally, I would love to see a first person video of Alex Kidd in Miracle World made, this would have to include the big boxing glove, the underwater octopus and most importantly the epic rock, paper or scissors battles with the scary one eyed stone head men.

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