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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
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Pixels has just been released in theaters and I thought it would be appropriate to do a fan theory on Pacman. That or I was having a random discussion with some friends about Pacman, got this idea and the fact that Pixels had just come out is a giant cowinkydink since I haven't even seen the movie.

Just a heads up, this theory is a little dark. So to put it simply, the Ghosts that are chasing us in the game are actually Pacman's dead children haunting Pacman's nightmares. Yeah...this will take some explaining.

They are ghosts so we can agree that they used to be people who were alive and died. In the Pacman series, we have only seen Pacman's species present and no other animal has been used so it's safe to assume that they are the same species as Pacman.

Next let's look at the names of the ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Can you imagine adults with these names? Clyde maybe but the rest of them sound like the cast of Ducktales. Also notice their behaviour, they're either really shy or constantly chasing Pacman. It's clear that these ghosts are children.

So how are they Pacman's kids? Who else could be their father? Pacman is the only male character alive in the series so it has to be assumed that he and Ms Pacman conceived these four ghosts.

Now we've got that settled, we're going to be getting a lot darker. Ever wondered what those white dots all over the map were? Well upon examination, it's safe to come to the conclusion that it's cocaine. If you grouped up all of these white dots together, it would look like a powder.

So Pacman is a drug addict and that causes him to be an abusive father. The bigger flashier dots might be larger doses or an even crazier drug. When he takes this big drug, the children become scared and try to run away from him. When he "eats" them, they die...but then they come back.

Pacman's abuse is what caused the Ghosts' death and now he gets to replay that death over and over again in his nightmares. This layout level could not possibly be happening in real life. The design is so unconventional that it must be taking place inside of the mind of a drug addict.

To sum up, the Ghosts are Pacman's dead children who were killed by their father's drug addled abuse. They now haunt Pacman's nightmares and make him relive their death over and over to torment him. Wow, that got dark! Tell me what you think in the comments. Have a good day!


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