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I love his show and in the tv world he is a hero. Stephen amell is also a hero in real life he does alot of charity work .plus a little girl 11-12 years old invites him to her birthday party based on arrow, but sadly he couldn't make it so he sended her a video message. Oh i forgot to mention he is a family man. Hey im only fourteen but he has inspired me and dc as well, when i am older i want to become a marine serve 4 years then when i come back i will be a cop. If that isn't a hero i don't know what it is. He is a hero in my book and a hero never dies they just fall, but they all ways get back up. I hope stardust and stephen amell see this. Stardust needs to see this to show how much of an asshole he is. I want arrow to see this to see how much he inspires. I love u stephen and dc for inspiring me. By the way my favirote super hero is batman and second is green arrow. I stayed up so late writing this cause i barely saw this and it made me furious and if i have to stay up an other day to prove my point i will.


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