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Experiences are what make a person, and now that I am in my final years as a teen, it's sad to say that I am lacking a few life experiences. Films and TV shows were my window to the menacing yet magnificent, unknown world that my strict, Asian parents shut the door to.

So, as I glued my eyes to the screen, I developed an imagination for fun, an unforgiving ambition for success, an almost unrealistic hope for love, and a mild case of short-sightedness. As a child, it was the Disney princesses that were my first female role models. They ignited my rebellious spirit, my urge to travel and my love for song. So here's a list of the things that the Disney princesses achieved and/or experienced that is going on my bucket list!

1. Have a Pet Cat

It's not quite as ambitious as owning a tiger like Jasmine from Aladdin, but it's not that much of a stretch. I don't think I can house a tiger in my small space anyways, but I would love to have my own little sassy feline to defend me and to hang out with.

2. Live in the Woods

Maybe not with seven other men like Snow White, but I would love to go on a camping trip one day with some friends. I don't know how well I would manage with open flames and tent assembling, but it's definitely something I want to try. That said, someone's going to have to tell me which apples are poisonous and which ones won't put me in a deep slumber.

3. Swim with the Fishes

To be fair, Ariel wanted to get out of the ocean and away from the fish more than anything but she still got to swim and sing underwater. I guess this means I relate much more with her daughter, Melody, who did the "little mermaid" in reverse, transforming from human to mermaid in The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. My love for swimming came from my desire to become a mermaid and even though my wish for fins didn't come true, nothing's going to stop me from scuba diving at Australia's own Great Barrier Reef before it inevitably washes away.

4. Dance in a Ball Gown

This may apply to more tales than just Cinderella's, but she is the epitome of fairytale ballroom dance fantasies. It was actually Hilary Duff's adaption, A Cinderella Story, that ignited my dream for the big and poofy ball gown and the subsequent 'everyone-gawking-at-you-as-you-walk-down-the-stairs' moment. I don't know when or where I could attend a ball though. Oh, Prince Charming why aren't there anymore balls for me to attend?

5. Be a Man

Not literally, of course, and even though I don't agree with the connotations placed upon gender terms, the title just suited too well. I never wanted to dress up as a man, no matter how comfy those large shirts may be, but I admired Mulan more for her strength and determination and the sacrifice she made to save her family. I also related to her initial doubts about herself and about where she belongs. As the passive and quite timid type, I wished I could 'man up' like Mulan did to follow my heart and do what is right. Becoming a hero by saving an entire country from the Huns wouldn't look too bad on my resume either.

6. Fall in Love with a Beast

Again, I don't literally mean this of course, but aside from a couple of titular Disney male characters, the Beast was the most developed prince in my books. The whole film taught me the importance of inner beauty and not judging people by their exteriors. Thus, I hope I would love a man for his inner strength and compassion and not fall for just a pretty face or model-type body. It wouldn't hurt if he owned a palace though.


Which Disney Princess are you most like?


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