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As she revealed on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim is thrilled to be expecting her second child with Kanye West, and she's already gotten her top-notch pregnancy style down.

However, her eagle-eyed fans are wondering if North's mom is looking a little too perfect these days, and they took to her Instagram to voice their accusations. Check out the chronology of the somewhat ridiculous controversy below, and see why some think Kim has been deceiving the public with her baby bump.

It all began when Kim posted this picture to Instagram...

It garnered a million likes in a single day, but it also inspired its fair share of comments speculating about the changing size of Kim's belly. Some fans pointed out that the bump in her Instagram photo looks more pronounced than in paparazzi photos from the same day.

In those, she's wearing the exact same outfit on the very same day


She does look a bit different, but as soon as speculation began, multiple possibilities started flying about the explanation. Some claimed she's using a surrogate, others wonder if she just enhanced her natural belly with foam or something, and the less skeptical group thinks it's just a matter of angles and lighting.

Here's just a sampling of the comments you'll read under the post

I think fans are reaching quite a bit when it comes to these rumors, and I'd be willing to bet that they are heavily inspired by a similar controversy when Beyoncé was pregnant. During that time, Beyoncé's dress crinkled in such a way that really made her belly look fake, but that was way more confusing than Kim's Instagram post.

To Kim's credit, she seems to be taking the silly allegations in stride. Yesterday, she posted another picture of her in a very similar outfit.

Are people still really doubting her?

Hopefully, they won't be for much longer. I'm used to a "Celebrity Pregnancy Watch," but this new trend of accusing famous people of conspiring to totally fake something so huge is just too much for me to handle. At least Kim still looks super proud to be expected baby number two!

(Source: Instagram, Hollywood Life)


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