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November 13 2007 a new type of game inspired from Grand theft auto Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia was in town and from then over 73 million copies of the games in the franchise were sold .


What Would You Like Them To Do ?

Why I think Ubisoft needs to take a break from Assassins creed is because to work on it for a longer period of time just like Grand Theft Auto 5 was worked on By Rockstar . The problem is the great sense of scale and something new to do is not exactly present in this game. If we look at Assassins creed 2 it was something new the characters were great and the story line that were build upon them was like a master piece . Now why Assassins creed 4 Black Flag was great ? Well it was because of the sense of scale . The distant seas with islands upon them and the great big mountains with tons of things to do .

So What Should Ubisoft Do next ?

To start with here is an example The year is 1901 and the character jumps of the building goes into the lane arrest some drug dealers and then walks into his T-ford and drives to the cinema to catch the new Charlie Chaplin Movie. Next he walks around and gets a newspaper from a newspaper stall and learns about a new murder and goes to solve it (side missions) Then He solves the murder and decides to leave for another city. He then crosses the jungle but gets interrupted by some Thugs with level 2 fighting skill . He then gets rid of them and his vehicle crashes now he is lost so he decides to return back to the city From there he can either go to a bar or go do some side missions (similar to The Witcher Series) Help people and do favours around or join up with 4 friends and travel around the animus storyline and do missions in different timelines . Then he gets money and goes to the blacksmith to get armor and weapons and finally call it a day in assassins creed .

Ubisoft also needs to focus on the story and other aspects and elements and so on.

Assassins Creed is a great game but it needs time and some effort on.


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