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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Every super hero seems to have an endless amount of costumes to choose from. Almost each different adaptation of a character comes with it's own unique costume and this is shown quite often with Spider-Man. It's hard to keep track of exactly how many different Spider-Man adaptations there are but almost every one has a unique suit to go along with it. With Marvel regaining the rights to Spider-Man and Tom Holland set to be our new Peter Parker, it has me wondering which one of these iconic suits they will try to implement in the film. I have assembled my top 5 favorite suits from the comics but which one should they use for the movie?

5. Spider-Ben

Ben Reilly is a clone of Peter Parker who made his first appearance in 1975 during the clone saga. Also known as the Scarlet Spider, Ben took over as the primary Spider-Man in the mid 1990s and this is the suit Marvel introduced along with him. Spider-Ben's suit is a new age take on the original suit and it looks great. This suit revolutionized the Spider-Suit and has become the iconic Spidey-Suit. Ben Reilly's run as Marvel's primary Spider-Man was one of the first things that got me interested in comics and the suit has always stuck with me.

4. FF Spider-Man

FF (Future Foundation) Spider-Man is definitely a change of pace from Spider-Man's usual get up. After Johnny Storm's death, Spider-Man is recruited by the remaining Fantastic Four members to create the Future Foundation. Other members felt Spidey's suit was disrespectful to Johnny's memory and forced him to switch it up. I have always liked this suit because of its immense change of pace from other suits. Going with an all white suit with black trim, it definitely strays away from the standard look. The white really adds to the "future" aspect in Future Foundations and was the perfect suit for the time.

3. Iron Spider

If Tony Stark and Peter Parker adopted a son, this is the suit he would wear. During the build up to Civil War, Tony Stark creates this suit for Peter Parker to lure him over to his side. The color scheme is inspired by Iron Man's trademark yellow and red suit. Tony not only wanted Spidey, he wanted the world to know which side he was on. Could we possibly see this at some point during Civil War? That would be very interesting and it would be a great way to introduce Spider-Man into the MCU. Spider-Man was already pretty hard to defeat, but Iron Spider is a different beast entirely.

2. Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Miles Morales has become one of my favorite comic book characters and he has done that in a very short time span. The first thing that really caught my eye about the Ultimate Spider-Man is the suit. It''s pretty much the original suit color swapped, but instead of blue the artist went with black. The suit really differentiates itself from past suits and it is clear that Miles Morales is a character that's here to stay. It was hard to come to a decision about the 1 and 2 spots but in the end the Ultimate Spider-Man suit is already a classic and one of the best Spidey suits we have ever seen.

1. Symbiote Spider-Man

The suit that eventually led to the creation of Venom is easily number one on my list. Originaly appearing in Secret Wars #8 (which I have proudly displayed on my wall) the Symbiote Spider-Man suit has become one of the most iconic superhero suits ever. Fans absolutely love the Symbiote suit and for the time it was created, it was perfect. The iconic black suit with the white spider in the middle has become one of the most recognizable suits among comic fans. In Spider-Man 3, the Symbiote suit was implemented but with little success. If Marvel eventually decides to do something with Spider-Man's black suit that would be awesome! Could that possible lead to Venom as well?

Which suit should Spidey wear for the movie?

Marvel could go any direction that they want in terms of the suit. My personal choice what have to be the Spider-Ben Suit. It is a fresh twist on the classic suit and I think it would be perfect for today's MCU. There were also some leaked images of a Sketch of what the Spider-Suit will supposedly look like in the film.

As you can see above, the sketch looks very similar to the Spider-Ben suit. The suit looks very advanced with camera lens eyes, the iconic web shooters, and some metal clips which apparently glow. There is no way a young Peter Parker created this suit by himself so could this mean Tony Stark made this suit for him? It is an interesting thought but this sketch is not 100% the suit they will use. I do believe Marvel will do something different with the suit and I think they should. Whichever suit they decide to use, I'm sure it will look great. Tom Holland is looking better and better by the day, and Marvel is definitely heading in the right direction.


What is your favorite Spidey Suit?


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