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Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen has gained widespread attention for envisioning Disney characters in "Real Life".

He's also the same artist that made those beautiful realistic version of Disney Princesses... And now, he's done the same with the gorgeous men of Disney! I dare you to keep your mouths closed, ladies.

1. Tarzan

Now l understand why Jane won't come back to to the city.

2. Hercules

I'm a damsel in distress!

3. Aladdin

He may be a street rat, but he's the most handsome street rat there is.

4. John Smith

5. Prince Adam/Beast

He's a very handsome beast, isn't he?

6. Prince Philip

I wouldn't mind sleeping for a century if this dashing Prince is the one I'll wake up to..

7. Prince Charming

Well, isn't he charming? Now he's getting his own live-action movie too, splendid, Disney! Splendid!

8. Prince Eric

this one! OMG
this one! OMG

..and those eyes that light up when he smiles! Ariel is one lucky mermaid.

According to Jirka's facebook post, this is just the first batch! I can't wait for more.

Update! Li Shang has been included. Call the troops. He's making a man out of us.

His stance is exuding confidence, and look at that jaw! It's so sharp I know it could cut off or break a Hun's arm. It's like "Mister I'll make a man out of you" takes on a whole new meaning..


Image Source: Jirka Väätäinen Design


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