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After the crazy mid-season finale two weeks back, it really seemed that Hannibal Season 3 was going out in a blaze of glory. The show itself seemed to be aware of its own imminent cancellation, and decided to go plain nuts. Of course that wasn't the case. Electric eels and pregnant pigs and a remake of Face Off were apparently all part of Bryan Fuller's master plan.

Last week's episode went back to basics, and let us all take a deep breath and view the show through a cool new lens after a three year time skip. It almost feels like we're back to season 1 again, with Will Graham and Jack Crawford confiding in Hannibal to find a mysterious eccentric killer. That said, let's take a look ahead at the next episode, and make a few predictions about where this show is headed as it approaches its tragic end.

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Fwoom fwoom!
Fwoom fwoom!

I didn't realize how much I missed the "fwoom fwoom" mac screensaver Will Graham empathy super powers until last week. It's such an inherently neat idea, I'm not surprised Bryan Fuller and director, Neil Marshall brought it back. If Francis Dolarhyde is allowed to kill again on the next full moon, perhaps we will see Will going through his procedural empathy once more. In last week's episode, he did seem to have a little trouble it. Perhaps if Hannibal gets involved in the investigation, we could see the mutated stag monster once more!

Francis Dolarhyde speaks?

It's just self esteem issues!
It's just self esteem issues!

Richard Armitage did a fantastic job with the introduction of Francis Dolarhyde, a man driven by horrific compulsion, while also plagued by mental remnants of the beast he worships. His performance was so great, it was easy to forget he didn't actually say anything. I'm waiting with baited breath for the show to give the man a voice, and to hear some sort of self-justification.

Hannibal as a show has so far done a great job of avoiding boorishly referencing the movies. Note how Made Mikkelsen has not once gone "Fuhfuhfufuhfuh!" Yet I'm curious to know if we'll see the "I'm changing do you see?" scene involving a certain gossipy redhead.

Will Graham's family in danger

Will Graham's Instagram sucks!
Will Graham's Instagram sucks!

The entire set up of Will Graham having a newly formed family in three years just as there emerges a killer who specifically preys upon families is all rather obvious. The stakes are very clearly being laid out here, and Will's newfound family could easily be the collateral if Hannibal is looking to go anywhere near Thomas Harris' original novel. She hasn't had too much screen time yet, though I am interested to see what's done with Molly, and whether her relationship to Will is going to be explained any more.

Hannibal escapes

I get that this possibility is super unlikely, given that the Red Dragon novel doesn't even end with Hannibal escaping, and the whole beat of him getting out into the world is saved for the Silence of the Lambs arc. Then again, would you really put it past this show to pull something like that? Personally, I would like to see more of Hannibal behind bars, messing with Will Graham from within captivity. It's a classic dynamic that the show has been building to, and we've only just finished an entire Hannibal on the run storyline.

No more cool hair for Hannibal!
No more cool hair for Hannibal!

Still, since the closest this show could do would be to hint towards the Silence of the Lambs story, it would be a shame to see Hannibal end his tale in police custody. The least we could get would be to see Will Graham receive some sinister letter bidding him farewell.

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