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Many of us are on the edge of our computer chairs awaiting the next slice of info regarding the rapidly expanding DC Cinematic Universe of late. We're all just aching to know what is to be of this next

franchise. And as such, we're all no doubt deciding for ourselves who we'd like to see star as some of or favourite villains of all time and as we all know, no one has a better gallery of rogues than the Batman himself.

With news hitting a week or two ago that Ben Affleck will not only be starring as the Dark Knight but also co-writing and directing the first solo venture of the Caped Crusader the questions everyone should be asking are, Is Commissioner Gordon actually alive despite rumours? Will there be a Dick Grayson/ Nightwing? And even more importantly, who will be cast as some of Bruce Wayne's greatest adversaries?

Here is my list of MUST HAVE villains who NEED to appear in the next Batman, along with fan-casts of my own. Enjoy..!


Thomas Elliot was once Bruce Wayne's best friend, they went school together were quite close, both being from rich families. At 10 years of age Thomas attempted to murder his wealthy and abusive parents to gain their fortune.

Elliot's mother was saved in surgery by Thomas Wayne. Though the engineering of his father's death was a success, his grudge with the Wayne's began that day.

There's a great background and a lot of it for this character and he's definitely one who should cross the path of the Bat at some point.

Who should play him;

Jon Hamm was one of the top picks by fans to be the Batman before Ben Affleck was cast, so why not have him in as Bruce's former school yard chum who's now an arch nemesis to his alter-ego..? Hamm is a proven talent and worthy actor.

Matt Damon! Yes get it out of the way, I know you're going to laugh so just go ahead and get it out, but then, hear me out! Damon and Affleck have a long history together, they've been best friends for few decades so it holds up that Matt would make a cool Thomas Elliot, again, he's a terrific actor and they work well with one and other. I wouldn't be against this at all. Would you?


Who would make a better Hush?


Poison Ivy

Now as we'll be dealing with extra-terrestrials, Amazon princesses and Atlantians in the new DCCU its not so far fetched that a certain intoxicating babe make an appearance somewhere around Gotham? Is that out of the question? With the real-world feel of Nolan's Batman film Dr. Pamela Isely might've felt somewhat out of place and been a little too unbelievable for that reality.

But in Snyder's universe she could fit right it. She may be in Arkham or even cross paths with Harley on one of her Suicide Squad missions... Who knows?

Who should play her;

Christina Hendricks, for me is the first and only choice. She' stunning, has the acting chops to play a bad-ass seductress (see Firefly for proof of that) and she just NEEDS to play that role. No one else can do it like she can.
On that not, here's some one else who could do it...

Byrce Dallas Howard, daughter of former Happy Days star Ron Howard has made herself an excellent career so far, she was in the 3rd Spider-man movie in 2007 as Gwen Stacy, starred in M. Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water as well as starring as love interests to John Connor (Christian Bale) in Terminator: Salvation and to Chris Pratt in Jurassic World...


Who would you prefer to see as Poison Ivy?

Pucker up..!
Pucker up..!

The Riddler

Edward Nygma is one of Batman's most well known and popular adversaries. This witty and often whimsical gent is indeed another MUST HAVE for the next Batman cinematic experience. Not since Jim Carrey's campy 1995 rendition have we really seen a proper Riddler on screen (Gotham doesn't count, he's not the Riddler yet..!) so it's about damn time we got a refresher, something slightly darker and more cynical would work wonderfully in this world..!

Who should play him;

Now, I know, I know, usually everyone's first choice is David Tennant, well I'm not everyone, and mine is not, so shut up... Michael Emerson is my first pick, why? Well jut look at the man, his whole demeanor just scream "Riddle Me This", his performances in the past have more than assured he can play a clever, calculating, creepy bastard when necessary...

And yep, you're correct, this guy is not David Tennant either... Why? Because I use my own brain to form opinions, no one else's, simple as that.

Perhaps best known for his role as the calm handed forensic investigator/serial killer in Dexter Michael C Hall is truly a great man and inspiration as an actor. Whatever part he plays he always brings his A-game and it's always a great thing to behold. You can just look at him and say, now there's an actor I could see as The Riddler, can't you?


Which of these two Michael's would you pick to play The Riddler?


Batman's love interest and primary opposite, Catwoman, though having appeared in Chris Nolan's Dark Knight Rises, still deserves a chance to really shine, let be honest Anne Hathaway's part left a lot to be desired by the end...

So this time around what we need is a way more bad-ass anti-heroine than what we got last time, that really was quite a disappointment.

Who should play her;

Eliza Dushku. Who could look past the deadly beautiful Albanian when thinking of who to cast as Selina Kyle? She'd simply perrrrfect. She's got the bad-assary on her side and the acting skill for the role, her fight training from stuff like Buffy and Dollhouse would really work out in her favour and she's already been Catwoman before, having voiced Selina Kyle in Batman: Year One...

Second pick for the feline femme-fatal is Kristin Kreuk, former Smallville star and absolute stunner! With a host of great work behind her, not unlike Eliza, Kristin could and would again make herself a mega mistress of the bad-ass arts, no doubt.


Who would you like to see fill the skin-tights of Selina Kyle?


Harvey Dent, former district attorney of Gotham turned psycho killer. This is my personal top pick for MUST HAVES in the next Batman world. Friend to Bruce Wayne and in general a good man, but deep done there lies a dark side that Harvey hides within himself, after being attacked with acid by a mobster on trial Dent is disfigured and becomes another one of the city's greatest threats...

Who should play him;

Currently one of the stars of J. J. Abraham's highly successful Star Trek re-boot Karl Urban has earned himself some great esteem over the years. He's been in Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Riddick and was The Judge in Dreed. He has the perfect look for tough but pretty-boy Harvey Dent and the chop to play a split character personality. He would nail it without a doubt.

Oh ho! Didn't see that one comin did ya?! Yes, David Tennant IS on the list after all, only not as the Riddler. I'm not saying he wouldn't make a great Riddler, we all know he would, but personally I'd rather see him play as darker, grittier role in the DC universe given the opportunity.


Who would make a better Two-Face?

(Additional option: Michael Rosenbaum with Hair)

We all should remember him from Smallville when he was the youthful Lex Luthor, now he's in his early 40's and would be about the right age for Harvey Dent, he's got the looks for it too and he can play a good villain...

So there you are. 5 of the best Batman baddies who should most definitely have a part to play in the future of the franchise. What did you think of the list, do you agree with the choices? Are you as excited for the next installment as I am? Comment, argue, whatever, below. Cheers for reading. Adios.


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