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Everyone has a story to tell. Be it the one who led a genocide or the one who taught us the principle of non-violence; every single human being living and dead on this globe has a lot to share. Some of them can be an inspiration for us, while some are important lessons. Movies have successfully portrayed a lot of personalities throughout the years with biopics helping us to visualize the lives of important historical figures. With this article, I’m suggesting 5 historical figures whose lives should be translated to film. Their lives were eventful for the most part, yet those events weren’t thoroughly explored. I’m also casting them with an appropriate actor that I think would nail the role. Let’s check out the list now, shall we?

Montezuma II

The story of the Aztec emperor has a lot of undetermined links. Some historians portray him as a weak-willed man, based on the fact that his decisions had led to the conquest by Spain. By the time of Montezuma II, the Aztec empire had reached its peak both in wealth and land. It was at this time that Spain started the conquest of the new land under Hernan Cortes. There are a number of theories regarding Montezuma’s time of ruling and the Aztec’s wealth, and it’s definitely more than enough to develop a script. Montezuma’s death and the subsequent fall of the Aztec empire is an important event in American history. I would gladly give my money to see that era come to life through a creative visionary.

Cliff Curtis as Montezuma II

Cliff Curtis is a talented actor from Down Under, with an impressive resume to boot. I think he could very effectively portray Montezuma. Movies like Whale Rider and Training Day are perfect examples of his acting talents. As an actor who can work with a wide spectrum of emotions, a complex character like Montezuma would be a perfect challenge for him.


In the early fifth century, a Chinese monk started a remarkable journey from China to India to visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha. It was a journey for knowledge, and it wasn’t an easy one. Faxian and his friends traveled through forests and deserts, they encountered wild animals and barbarians - one of his friends even died during the journey, yet he didn’t turn back in his quest for knowledge. Faxian’s story is one of the few stories I heard as a child and it was an inspirational tale of dedication.

Donnie Yen/Chen Kun/Osric Chau as Faxian

There are a number of actors I think could portray such a highly respected person. Ip Man actor Donnie Yen would be a suitable option to portray Faxian, even though he is a bit old for the character now. Yen may be famous for his martial arts movies, but he is also an established character actor. Since Faxian started his journey in his 20s, actors like Chen Kun or Osric Chau would be another choice option.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Doyle’s life is well celebrated as the author of Sherlock Holmes, but the writer himself hated Holmes. So, why should Doyle’s life be a movie? The answer is that it wouldn't just be a movie, but another instance of the complicated relationship between the creator and the creation. Doyle remarked once that his lesser known White Company is a much better work than Holmes. To make things worse, the man who created the world’s most famous detective also killed him. His hatred for the novel and character made him kill Sherlock in a story once. Doyle's distaste only grew when he had to resurrect the detective because of public outcry. Doyle was a complex man who deserves a more in depth look.

Jude Law as Doyle

Who would be better to portray a British gentleman than another British gentleman? Jude Law - who is already famous for his portrayal of Dr. Watson in the Sherlock Holmes movie series - is the best choice to play Doyle currently. His accent and mannerisms are well crafted to play a Victorian-era writer. Not to mention, his acting prowess is formidable as well.

Christa McAuliffe

Christa McAuliffe is a respectable person, as she gave her life to the growth of science. One of the martyrs of the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion, Christa McAuliffe’s life is an inspirational tale of passion and dedication for millions of people. After starting her career as a high school teacher, Christa was selected for the NASA Space Program from thousands of applications. If the Challenger expedition had been a success, she could’ve been the first teacher in Space. To honor her, the government named the Discovery Center in Concord after her. The Challenger explosion had a significant impact on the American people, largely because of Christa's involvement with the project. Along with Christa, I would like to mention the name of Kalpana Chawla, the Indian astronaut who died in The Columbia explosion that also fought against the odds to truly reach for the stars.

Amy Adams as Christa McAuliffe

Many talented actresses fit the bill to play Christa McAuliffe, but my choice would be Amy Adams. She is riding the peak of her career, with consecutive Oscar nominations and some remarkable performances, she is soaring. It won’t be too long before she takes home that prized statue. And I believe that the role of Christa McAuliffe could be one that Amy would forever be remembered for.

Vincent van Gogh

The master painter, most famous for his eccentric behavior and his undeniably beautiful paintings, van Gogh, has always been an enigma. van Gogh led a life where only his art was a relief from the miserable events and depressing experiences of his life. There are stories about his lunatic conduct, such as when he chopped his ear off and presented it to his romantic interest. So goes the legend of Vincent van Gogh, right? After delivering world famous paintings like 'Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflower's and 'The Potato Eaters,' van Gogh ended his life by shooting himself. There is so much to learn about this mysterious and intriguing man. Bringing him to the big screen would be a great way to do that.

Christian Bale as Vincent van Gogh

Bale is a well established actor in Hollywood and his dedication to perfection is well known. We have seen the extreme lengths Bale goes to for his characters in movies like The Machinist and Rescue Dawn. For a character that has eccentric mannerisms and extreme physical transformations, Bale is the perfect fit for the role.


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