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You'd think the accumulation of new Pokémon games would be a pretty easy schtick, right? Nintendo has produced so many of these games over the years, with the Pokemon brand built up so heavily in the minds of fans, that hardly anything needs to be changed between games. Well, not quite. The very reason Nintendo and GameFreak have made so few leaps with these games is that they're worried about screwing up such a winning formula. An "ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude is perfectly apt when you're one of the consistently best selling game series out there!

And that brings us to [Pokémon](tag:2538552) Z! It's no easy feat to follow up Pokemon X&Y, given that those games are already considered a departure from the norm, and with the Pokemon brand approaching 20 years old, you can't blame fans for wanting another leap of faith from GameFreak. While making sure not to go too crazy, let's take a look at some of the features that need changes to keep the Pokemon series fresh!

Expanded berry juices and candies!

Berry juices could come in handy mid battle!
Berry juices could come in handy mid battle!

So this is a fairly small feature that could be expanded in an interesting way. In principle, berry juices aren't that different from rare candies, but it would be cool to see Pokemon Z give them more drastic and permanent effects on given Pokemon. If a particular Pokemon could be made unstoppable in some areas, but incredibly weak in others, then the use of rare berry juices would become something the player truly had to commit to, much like Evolutionary Stones.

Bring back character customization

Why Omega Red and Alpha Sapphire back-peddled on the character customization options introduced in X&Y, I will never know. Much of the original appeal of Pokemon was to imprint yourself onto the game mechanics, mostly through cultivating a cool and varied line-up of Pokemon. Customizing your trainer avatar is the obvious extension of that. It would be cool for Pokemon Z to go even further, allowing you to customize your trainer right down to their facial features, much in the style of Fallout. That would bring Pokemon Z a level of individuality the series is yet to see!

Another graphical leap

Better environments would be welcome
Better environments would be welcome

The reason Pokemon X&Y seemed special didn't just come from the expanded roster of Pokemon to be caught, and the new regions to catch them in. The entire game saw a shift in presentation, where suddenly the Pokemon in question seemed alive and really there mid-battle. Somehow, the game seemed like something special because of that, so Pokemon Z could do well to follow suit. I'm not saying we should receive a gritty, realistic art style or anything, but features like a dynamic camera or more complex environmental aesthetics would be more than welcome!

New Pokemon

This is the obvious possibility, and will be thrown around within the Pokemon fandom until the end of time. If you want to see some cool ideas for new Pokemon that could appear, check right here! Sure, we can expect Pokemon Z will introduce at least a few new Pokemon to the roster, but what fans really seem to want is a game changing number of Pokemon added, rather than something that seems more of an expansion.

Is there anything I've missed on this list that you would like to see in Pokemon Z? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, or by leaving a comment below!


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