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I Just Choose To Leave My Super Suit At Home And Let Barry Allen Take All The Fame And Glory
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So let's jump right into the discussion on hand. With Marvel's [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) coming out soon, do you think the Fantastic 4 should join the fight???

Okay guys so as we know, Marvel owns nothing but Animation and Comics rights when it comes to Fantastic 4, FOX owns everything else. This happened when Marvel went to FOX and had a meeting asking them for a reboot. But has anyone wondered why the reboot???

The new Captain America movie, Civil War is coming May 6, 2016. In the comics Civil War included a ton of superheroes like of course Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, Nomorita, Black Widow, Mister Fantastic, Thor, Deadpool, Black Panther, Falcon, Night Thrasher, The Thing, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Tigra, Invisible Woman, Yellowjack (Wasp), Blue Streak, Nighthawk, Justice, Quicksilver, Human Touch, of course the X-Men members (but we can't expect a crossover in this movie) and a whole bunch of other unnamed superheroes.

But with this new reboot of the Fantastic 4 coming out soon (August 7th 2015), it makes you wonder, will they add the Fantastic 4 in Civil War. Because not only were they in Civil War, they was MAIN CHARACTERS alongside Iron Man, Captain America, NEW Avengers, New Warriors and Spider-Man. All of the members of The Fantastic 4 played a part in Civil War, but Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) played one of the biggest roles of all. In Civil War, Mr. Fantastic resides in a role just under Tony Stark. Now for those Marvel Fans who don't know their history on Civil War, SHAME lol, but this next part may contain a *SPOILERS* so consider yourself warned.

In this story Mr. Fantastic collaborates heavily with Tony Stark in the creation of an alternate reality prison in which the heroes in refusal of the superhero registration act are placed once they are captured and secured. Mr. Fantastic adds immense confrontation and even loses Sue, his wife because of his decisions. Ultimately he realizes the brutality of what this act has caused and mourns over his friends who have passed and lives with the guilt of his actions as his life progresses forward. But with the lose of Sue Storm, its a factor they can alter in the Civil War story line, like they have in the past with other movies. For intense, Iron Man was the creator of Ultron in the movies, but Hank Pym created Ultron in the comics, so it can be done.

So it's like Marvel SHOULD ADD THEM TO THE CAST of Civil War! I see no point as to why they wouldn't, with their reboot coming its like they did it just in time. But lets be honest, the more superheroes they show together, we just get more and more excited lol. Marvel becoming part owners with Sony with Spider-Man happened just in time because he was a MAJOR ROLE in Civil War as I'm sure everyone knows. But hey, all the Marvel movies are connected so it makes you wonder, hmmmmmm maybe... But thats just me thinking out loud, What Do YOU Think The Fantastic 4 Movie Will Foreshadow?, Will Marvel and FOX Produce An AMAZING Movie Together? Or Will It Suck And We Wont See Fantastic 4 In Civil War? Let me know down below.


Should The Fantastic 4 Play A Role In The Upcoming Captain America - Civil War ?


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