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With all the new images coming out and based on what we KNOW about this Batman vs Superman so far (which is less than we think we know). I looked into some possible scenarios that could be based on what we have seen and heard.

#1. This Batman is older than the Batmen we have seen in the past.

They are playing him in his mid 40's which begs the question (in my mind anyway) will there be a replacement? It seems like starting this Justice League with an aged Batman kind of makes me wonder how long will this "retired Batman" last in the long term? Which leads me to my next query.

#2. Who would carry on the legacy of the Bat?

We have all seen by now (and if you haven't shame on you) the Robin costume in what I assume is the Batcave.

This image again imply's there is/was a Robin and brings to mind Jason Todd to all of us who know the history here. Well we are viewing an image from a universe where Chris Nolan is in the driver's seat (or at least playing backseat driver) and we know what that meant for Robin last time, Robin John Blake (insert eye roll here). My HOPE is that there is a Jason Todd/Red Hood, which means there is a Dick Greyson/Nightwing, Tim Drake/Red Robin, and (judging by this aged Batman) Damian Wayne/Robin. And if there is a Damian Wayne/Robin is he alive? We all know that Nolan borrows bits and pieces from the comics but puts his own spin on things, could THIS be Damien's Robin costume in this universe? But I digress. Could we see a Nolan take on Batman Beyond or (my personal choice) Battle for the Cowl where Bruce takes a step back and we see a new Batman wear the iconic cape and cowl? And if so who would take the mantle Gotham's champion, Terry McGinnis, Dick Greyson, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, or Robin John Blake (Ugh!)?

I'm leaning toward Dick Greyson being the replacement and Bruce taking on an Oracle type role. Did someone say Oracle?

3. Is Jenna Malone Carrie Kelley/Robin or could she be some form of Batgirl?

Remember now there has been many versions of Batgirl in DC Continuity so Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle is not the only one (I know you all know this). So Could she be Cassandra Cain who was once Robin/Batgirl and became Black Bat, or Stephanie Brown who dropped the Batgirl mantle to return to being Spoiler, or even Charlie Gage-Radcliffe who later became Misfit, and don't forget the Original Batgirl Betty Kane. We are all leaning toward Carrie Kelley BUT Nolan is know for making things look very black and white but making them VERY grey.

Lets not look too far ahead on these images out of context. I mean I was all about Leto's Joker actually being Jason Todd until I thought "Why would Harley Quinn follow a false Joker?" To me that just didn't add up no matter how much It made me want it to be true. But I know I can't wait to see this thing on the big screen!

Oh and a PS to the people making Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. PLEASE stop leaking so many images! Leave us a reason to go watch it opening night!


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