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X-Men: Apocalypse is set to be released on May 27th next year and will end the second trilogy of the series that started in 2011 with X-Men: First Class. So, before the release of this epic conclusion, i decided to rank all of the X-Men movies, including the two Wolverine films. Let's start with...

7. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Sad to say the opening credits is the best scene in the movie..

While I don't think that this film awful, it sure had a lot of flaws and is certainly below the quality of the other movies in the franchise. The plot was a bad idea from the start. Theyre was absolutely no point in showing us how Logan got his adamantium skeleton, it was handled perfectly in X2. The scene in wich we see Logan as a child and the opening credits in wich we see him and Victor go trough the most important wars of the century would both have made for a more interesting film. Theyre were also a lot of characters that were misused, such as Emma Frost, the Blob, Deadpool, and of course, Gambit.

6. X-Men: The last stand

Well, at least this was cool.

A failed attempt at mixing 2 great stories from the comics, The Last Stand didnt work. I would have so much prefered Bryan Singer staying on board to direct this installement, instead of directing Superman Returns. This movie was the perfect opportunity to put Cyclops front and center and have Wolverine in a second role, and emphazise on Scott's and Jean's relationship being torn apart. But they decided to kill him. In the first 15 MINUTES. It also should have focused on the Dark phenix, instead of adapting The Cure. Overall this movie is just a waste, it could have been a truly epic and dramatic finale.

5. X-Men (2000)

This scene is still amazing 15 years later!

This movie prooved superhero could work on the big screen. Its not a great movie, but it introduced those characters to us brilliantly, and the cast is just perfect. It didnt age that well tough, some effects and lines are a bit cheesy. Do you know what happens to a toad that gets hit by lighting? Really? Well, at least Wolverine claws still look better than in Origins!

4. The Wolverine

The movie opens with a truly memorabe scene.

The film really works as a good action thriller, until the 3rd act comes around with a not so surprising plot twist and unecessary dumb robot action. Funny how that fight at the end of the 2nd act in Yashida's house is much more thrilling and compelling than the climactic scene straight out of Transformers. And while i think the Nagasaki bombing scene is probably the most imressive in the film, they need to make up their mind about where was Wolverine during the war!

3. X-Men: Days of future past

Simply a perfectly paced and chorograhed action scene.

Hey, were getting to the good ones! Despite a plot that, when you start thinking about it, really doesnt make that much sense, its still fun to see the original trilogy cast return and team up with their past self. Not the best one, but still better than most superhero movies that come out at the moment (Thor films anyone?) And that Quicksilver scene is just perfect. Probably one of the most memorable scenes of 2014, its the best in the series in my opinion.

2. X2: X-Men United

Close 2nd to Quicsilver kitchen scene.

A better film than its predessecor, this movie manages to introduce many new characters while expanding other ones stories perfectly. The plot is interesting, the actors are great, its directed better, and s still one of the best superhero movies in my opinion. It was the best in the series until...

1. X-Men: First Class

This was a funny, violent, tense, and satisfying scene all at once.

X2 was very good. Great even, in comic book movies standard. Everyone was hoping for a great sequel to conclude the trilogy. It never came. But then 3 years later, it got even worse. This series was pretty much dead. Fox needed to make a new film to keep the rights to those characters, much like what Sony did with Spider-Man. But where Sony failed, Fox suceeded wonderfuly, giving us the best film in the franchise and reviving it. Its just so fun, and the 60s vibe makes it even better, it is to me without a doubt the best X-Men movie.

So, did you agree with my picks? Wich X-Men film do you prefer? And will X-Men: Apocalypse become the best in the series? What is youre favorite scene of the series?


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