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Stoffer Poppema

24 Hour Party People paints a picture of Manchester's music-scene during the (late) 60's, 70's, and 80's, it gives you a good view on how the music-scene and the city were in those days. It also features a few scenes with Joy Division, the main focus of the second movie Control. Where Control is a sad movie, 24 Hour Party People is much lighter in tone. These two are a great combo to watch (in any order), because the one focuses on a particular band, while the other shows everything else that was going on in their immediate surroundings. Watch recommendation:
24 Hour Party People: 8/10
Control (the Ian Curtis movie): 6/10
Both: 7/10
(Unless you're a huge fan of Joy Division or New Order, then you really must watch both 10/10)


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