ByColin Blues, writer at

Am I the only fan worried about the future of Spiderman, now he is in Marvel's sandbox?

Obviously Sony were not doing the best job with the web slinger and something had to happen. Because although the ASM movies were ok, their plans to create some sort of Spidey universe were strange at best and seemed certain to end on failure.

But when I look at the movies provided by Marvel, in phase 2, I am really worried that Spidey might land up being part of movies which just help to move things around until the Infinity Wars arrive.

Spidey is too important a character to simply be a hero in a film, which spends at least 40% of it's time explaining other stories or future stories. I want a Spidey film in which the web slinger is 100% the hero and for 90 % of his time is he dealing at one level or another with his own issues or a super villain like Doc Ock,

Do we really want him being visited by Robert Downey Jr, to be tested? Or do we want him swinging around New York, battling villains, missing his classes and standing up Mary Jane again? A Spidey film needs to be like Spiderman 2, in which there was one villain and a potential next adversary being set up. Not Avengers popping in and out, taking the spotlight away from the hero.

Hopefully Marvel will prove me wrong, but their track record, Winter Solider aside, since The Avengers does not fill me with confidence!


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