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For the last month we've been wondering where Chris Pine would fit into the DC Cinematic Universe; would he be the new Hal Jordan or would he be Steve Trevor (the love interest for Wonder Woman)? We've all been in the dark, and have been anxiously waiting to gather the smallest nugget of fact versus rumor that we could get about his potential role in the upcoming DC films.

It seems as though The Wrap has gathered a wonderful scoop claiming that Chris Pine has closed a multi-picture deal with Warner Brothers to become Steve Trevor allowing him to become a tie-in piece and available for sequels and crossovers as they arise.

This news (which I personally hope to be true) begs the questions:

Who is Steve Trevor really going to be in the solo Wonder Woman movie?

Throughout the DC's multiverse of comics, animated films and shorts, Steve Trevor has been fairly consistent. He's usually attached to Wonder Woman's story, being everything from a failed, tequila-fueled one night stand, to Diana's eventual husband and father to their daughter. No matter what Steve's connection to Wonder Woman is, he has been a military man, through and through, often aiding the Justice League (Wonder Woman in particular) as a government liaison to either the armed forces of the Pentagon itself. The current version of Steve's character places him under Amanda Waller's directive as she has taken over leadership of A.R.G.U.S. (Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans). For those who don't know, A.R.G.U.S. is the government funded and controlled collective that manages the spillover from the missions that the Justice League handled and aids as the Leagues liaison to the world.

Steve's character hopefully will lean towards the more recent incarnation and be a government agent of some variety rather than the dude-in-distress that he is initially portrayed as during the first encounters with the Amazonian Princess.


Is this a good role for Chris Pine?


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