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Next summer we are getting the most awaited movie of 2016. Batman vs Superman is the second movie in the DC Cinematic Universe. But looks like director Zack Snyder has changed a lot of things or we can say broken some rules which are huge. So here are some changes and theories which MIGHT be true (if you do not agree with them or feel that it's not right please do tell me in the comments below).

Metropolis and Gotham City

One is a city which is very modern, where lives a God and the other one which is full of darkness and is the home of the famous Dark Knight are cities which are very far away in distance from each other in the comics. Zack Synder on the other hand turned them into "sister cities".

Superman almost killed

This is a known fact that the "Man Of Steel" does not kill.... he just bruises because deep inside he is a good person. But here in this scene from the Comic-Con trailer the way he unleashed his laser over Batman it almost killed him. So looks like he might be seen killing in the movie.

Batman kills

Even if the Dark Knight beats you to death or tortures you to the worst but same as Superman he does not kill that easily . In the trailer we saw how Batman killed the soldier by breaking his neck.This showed that he is in for some serious stuff.

Batman uses a rifle

Batman has few rules which he never breaks no matter what, one of which includes not using guns. But we could clearly see the Rifle in his hand. Now that rifle could be for anyone Superman or maybe someone else important (JOKER).

Now the question about Bruce Wayne's Age!

In the movie "THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS" when Batman wore his Armored Suit against Superman he was quite old and Robin was in her teens. But in the movie his age does not seem to be much and even Robin (if she is) is quite small. So either there is a change or they might show a Time Leap in the movie say 10 years which might be a bit complicated.

Not so aged Batman with Little Robbin.
Not so aged Batman with Little Robbin.

"You let your FAMILY die"

Now there could be two possibilities here

1st~ This article is sent by Joker after killing Jason Todd and it is written in Jason's own blood . And with article he also sent his suit which said " HAHAHA joke's on you BATMAN" .

2nd~ This could be sent by Lex Luthor who got to know his secret identity and even Superman's. At the end of the day he is a really smart person. Maybe after this Batman went to Lex Luthor for help as both of them have Superman as a common enemy. And Batman made a deal with him to take down Superman in exchange of some kryptonite.

Sons of Batman

Just in case you did not catch in them in the trailer.



Who do you prefer?


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