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With all the rumors swirling around about the Robin suit in the latest Batman V Superman trailer, I thought it a good idea to talk about the most obvious rout that the movie might take. That being that the suit we see hung up in the Batcave covered in graffiti belongs to a now deceased Jason Todd.

Robin Suit from BVS Trailer
Robin Suit from BVS Trailer

Most Batman fans know the Death in the Family story line, in which Jason Todd is captured by the Joker, and eventually killed the boy wonder. That seems to be where they are drawing from, unless they throw a huge curve ball and have Dick Grayson be dead. which I think would be dumb but that's another article. Now the dead robin probably won't be a huge plot point of BVS, but many people are speculating that it will be in the solo Batfleck film. That is because if Jason Todd was killed he will most likely return as the Red Hood, like he does in the Batman: Under the Red Hood story.

Jason Todd AKA Red Hood
Jason Todd AKA Red Hood

This is one story that i feel will be hard to pull off in film for one reason. One of the main plot points of Batman: Under the Red Hood is that you don't know who the Red Hood is. If you tried to do that in the theaters it would be an underwhelming scene because we know it's coming. Anyone who really wants to see this movie will probably already know. They also would have to give everyone the whole backstory so the general audience can understand what is happening. That a lot of information to squeeze in a movie, or you'd need to make it very long. Don't get me wrong here I really want to see Red Hood show up in the DCCU but it just don't think they need to rush it. Who knows maybe they do a great job and make it work. I guess we'll just ave to wait and see.


Do you think we'll see Red Hood in the new solo Batman movies?


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