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I'm a sucker for a good story; who isn't? When I go to see a film, no matter what the movie's subject matter is, I try to find a way to relate to the film. If I'm watching Man of Steel I put myself in the role of Clark Kent/Superman and imagine what it would be like to fly, to feel the wind in my hair as I hit mach speeds, and even think about what it would feel like fighting to the death to save the world and throwing a punch so hard that the energy causes the environment to crumble.

Similarly, when I watch films like [500] Days of Summer or Away We Go, I think about what it takes to keep a good relationship going. Obviously, my romantic life never really went through anything like Joseph Gordon-Levitt's did in [500] Days of Summer as I've only had one real relationship in my entire life and I ended up making that girl my wife, who I will have been married to for five years on August 21st.

But we like to connect to these characters because a part of what we may have gone through in life can reflect the characters we have on screen or even if those characters are going through something we're not entirely familiar with, we can at least empathize.

Most of us are drawn to characters that are often reflections of ourselves in some way. If you were ever like me and my friends when we were younger, you'd watch a film and point out who everyone was in relation to the film.

Well I want to take that connection we feel when we watch films a step further and write about the film about my life would look like (if I were in charge of everything and there were no limits).

I'll do the "fan-cast" first and point out who would play who in the story of my life and although there are a lot of people in my life, I'll have to limit the amount of people who actually get cast into my movie, don't be offended (friends and/or family that may be reading this if you haven't been fan-cast, I still love you all).

Let's begin.

1. Fan-Casting My Life

The core people, based around the story (which I'll get to in a little bit) will be my wife, mother, father, brother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and We'll get through these parts quickly and I won't go into a whole lot of detail as I will explain the story and where everyone fits in on point number 2.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt = Aaron Hubbard

Starring in the role of Aaron Hubbard, I'd cast none other than [500] Days of Summer actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I'm not saying that he looks like me, he's a much more "dapper" man than what I am, but he's got the squinted, almond-shaped eyes as well as the tall, lanky build. He's got a sense of charming dorkiness about him to that I'm told I inhabit as well (other people's words, not mine).

Zooey Deschanel = Emily Hubbard

As for who would play my lovely wife, Emily, I'd have to cast someone who I think embodies her fun-loving humor and who I could see having a good chemistry with Jo-Good-Love (my new nickname for him) and for that role, I've chosen the other [500] Days of Summer star, Zooey Deschanel.

I know. I know. I swear I'm not trying to rip off [500] Days of Summer as my story is vastly different from that one. But there's no denying that both Zooey and Joseph have great on-screen chemistry. It's the chemistry in that film that really makes that film enjoyable for me and my wife (it's seriously one of our favorites). I feel that Zooey has the look to play a good Emily, the only modification we'd have to do is give Zooey contacts for brown eyes.

Now moving on to the actors playing my immediate family; we'll start with my brother, James, and then continue on to my mother and father.

James Corden = James Hubbard

The actor that I could see portraying my brother right would be James Corden.

It works out perfectly to start with considering that they both share the same name so that's easy. But James Corden has a sort of comedic, tragic aura to his roles. I remember first seeing him in a few episodes of Doctor Who and then watching him in Into the Woods, he did a great job in both and I remember thinking how much he kind of reminds me of my brother. He's a lovable guy and that's necessary as well.

Julianne Moore = Tammy Hubbard

My mom, Tammy, would be played by Julianne Moore.

She's close enough in age for it not to be out of place and I think that she could pull off the look to due my mom justice. She would have to know how to play the part by balancing both serious, yet soft heart of my mother's personality. I've seen her in enough roles though to know that she could pull it off.

Viggo Mortenson = Jimmy Hubbard

Moving on to who would play my father, Jimmy, I've chosen the role to go to Viggo Mortensen.

He's age appropriate enough, he's got the stern look and can rock some good facial hair, which is crucial for my father's image since I've never seen him without facial hair for as long as he's been my father (old photographs not counting). The only downside is that Viggo's 5'11 differs greatly from dad's height of 6'4.

Now moving on to my in-laws, Emily's parents.

Daniel Craig = Brian Ross

For my father in law, Brian, there is no one who could play the part other than Daniel Craig.

The sort of on-going joke is that my father-in-law is James Bond considering that everywhere he's ever been since the Daniel Craig Bond films have come out, people have told him that that's who he looks like. But the simple fact of the matter is is that it's true. If he reads this, I'm sure he'll allow this to fuel his ego just a little bit more.

Julia Louis Dreyfus = Lynnette Ross

I needed help choosing the role for my mother-in-law, Lynnette, so I sought out the the opinions of the best source, my wife. Of course she once she gave me the actress' name, I knew it was perfect. The role of my mother-in-law would go to Julia Louis Dreyfus.

A lot of people say that Emily looks like her mom and so casting someone who could believably play the mother of actress Zooey Deschanel was crucial. But she absolutley could play the part. Although my mother-in-law likes to have fun, she also has an intimidating side to her as well so I'd have to see just how Julia could pull it off. But I have faith that under the right direction, she could.

2. Surviving Life (working title for the film)

I would often struggle with the fact that I don't feel like my life is all that interesting but there's been more than a few interesting events that you could use in my life. So there's more than enough material there, such as the time when me and Emily found out we were pregnant as teenagers and the struggles that came with being a teenage couple having a baby as well as overcoming stereotypes and statistics.

It wasn't easy being a 19 years old, working at Chick-fil-A four a total of maybe eight hours a week on minimum wage alongside of my girlfriend who also worked there.

Then there were the struggles of us coming from two different belief systems in the Christian faith. We had to learn to hear each other out and we ended up having to seek things out for ourselves. We faced challenges between people claiming that the child might not be mine or others saying that I was seeking for Emily to have an abortion. All of these rumors were just a means of trying to bring us down, but we stood together and held strong.

Over time, my parents grew to love Emily and likewise, her parents grew to love me. It doesn't surprise me that my parents fell in love with Emily since she is so easy to love, but I've always felt like I was odd and being responsible for getting the youngest of three daughters pregnant didn't feel like I was making the best first-impression and by all means I wasn't. But I worked hard and proved myself.

Our story is a story of growth and trust and especially faith. Our belief in God and our choice to make Jesus Christ our Savior serves as a huge inspiration to us and was what motivated us and encourage almost every decision we've made. Obviously, being teenagers, we made a few mistakes, but we never let our faith waver and it's because of that fact that we've managed to stick together for so long and not end up like one of the sadder stories you used to see on Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant.

Our daughter was a huge blessing to our life and that would have to be a critical moment to the film as I believe God sent her to us to play a big part in our life. She already has but I believe she will continue to play a large part.

The other portion of this film about my life that would have to be a part of the climatic moment of the film is something that's obviously very personal to me and shook the lives of myself and everyone around me.

Understand that what I'm sharing here is very personal for me and has changed a lot of my outlook on life.

On September 29, 2011, I went into cardiac arrest. This is not to be confused with a heart-attack as they are two different things. I was only 21 years old and it happened spontaneously in the middle of the night around 2:30am. I lived with my in-laws at the time and it just so happened that we were less than five minutes away from the nearest fire department and maybe a little over five minutes away from the nearest hospital.

They did CPR on me for 22 minutes, that's 22 minutes that they said I was without a natural heart beat or breathing capabilities. From here it was a downward spiral as I was shocked a total of seven times between my time at the house when EMS first arrived and when I arrived at the hospital.

I also spent 12 days sleeping in a coma so while I was out, everyone in my family was being told all of the worst possibilities of why the cardiac arrest could have taken place and what the resulting damage could be. It went ranged from them saying I had a collapsed lung or a hole in my heart to the possibility of me waking up and being handicapped and that was if I woke up.

I won't go into the whole story here, but there was a moment, after I woke up, that I realized that there were a lot more people who loved me than I originally realized. I was getting to place where I was beginning to take everything for granted but after that near-death experience, I was beginning to see just how blessed I really was.

You can see me tell a large part of my story in this video I did for our church this past Easter Sunday.

I credit my survival to God and truly believe that it was because of Him that I survived. I've been told that I'm here because of good surgeons and I believe that I have good surgeons, but no matter what people say, I won't ever doubt that God had His hand through the entire situation. I believe that every event in my life, good and bad, was leading me to where I am today and to become who I am today.

Me, Emily, and our kids
Me, Emily, and our kids

If the miracle of God saving my life that day wasn't for me, it was for my family. I didn't deserve to survive the incident, but God had other plans for me. I've thankfully been able to have more time with my family as well as adding an additional member, my son.

  • Bonus Info

If there was a soundtrack to this film, there would, I'm sure, be a grab-bag mixture of songs from bands like Of Monsters and Men, Snow Patrol, and other bands like that along with some Christian bands sprinkled in here and there. But the one song that I would have to have on there would be:

Coldplay - Fix You

It's literally my favorite song of all time and proved to be a song of hope for many during my time in the coma.


Well, there's my idea for my story being told on film. My life hasn't been all that interesting after these events but these events, every one of them, will be with me for the rest of my life.

Understand that I am aware not everyone shares my same belief system but I still think this is a story worth telling. I know that none of those actors would probably star in my movie, but that portion was done mostly for the fun of it.

But tell me what your story would be if it was a movie, who would you have play the role of you? as well as those around you.



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