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"Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2" is a comedy directed by Andy Fickman. It stars Kevin James. The MPAA rating is PG for some violence and the running time is 94 million. The film's budget is 30 million and the box office revenue is 104,1 million.

When the Hilarious memes strikes again
When the Hilarious memes strikes again

BEFORE THE MOVIE: Ugh. I hated "Paul Blart: Fart Cop", so I'm not surprised that this movie will suck. It's fun to see Kevin James back as the titular character. I did laugh once when I saw the trailer (The cape part). My good friend Avi Saks said in the "Nerds Unite As One" podcast that this movie was his 10th most anticipated of 2015, which created a lot of controversy (He picked that over Star Wars). Anyways, Adam Sandler and his production company Happy Madison has not created memorable comedies over the years (Although I really enjoyed PIXELS). I'm still optimistic. Who knows? I might like it! Let's see.

AFTER THE MOVIE: Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. First thing's first, this film is A TAD better than the 1st one. The editing is better and feels like it's not missing any scenes at all (Even though i'm sure they deleted some scenes). Some of the jokes are pretty funny (Mostly Involving Shelly Desai's character Khan Mubi. One of the most underrated actors ever). And granted, some of the action is GOOD. Now, onto the bad part.

First off, the jokes are E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y unfunny. I laughed once or twice. It's not funny at all. 2nd of all, the cinematography is TERRIBLE. It feels like a 1st grader shot the film and not a real cinematographer. The camera almost feels too much like a TV movie. The intro moves waay to quickly, you see Paul Blart without an object, and suprisingly one object magically appear (But how did he get it?). The villain is horrible, although, he was better than the one in the 1st. He was more menacing, but still, he was pretty boring. And that's how the movie is, BORING! Jokes are recycled from the first one and actually, I felt pretty offended at SOME of the jokes. But it wasn't as bad as I expected though.



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