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Earlier this month rumors had spread that the newest installment in the Halloween franchise, Halloween Returns, would be starting production this July in Louisiana. Unfortunately, this was not true and fans began to speculate when exactly shooting would begin. Just a couple days ago, a fan tweeted writer of the project, Patrick Melton, asking when production of the film would begin. Patrick Melton then took to twitter to say,

Melton then continued, saying that he hopes for a fall shoot.

This doesn't come as a major surprise for three possible reasons. The first reason being that we have yet to hear anything about casting decisions. The time between now and Fall is a good enough time frame to put together an ideal and interesting group of actors and actresses. The second possible reason being that they still have a few things to tweak with the script as well as make possible changes. Having a finalized script while shooting is normally a lot easier than having a non-finalized draft while shooting. The third possible reason for this decision could very well be that they want to bring back the feel of Halloween. Over the past few entries in the series, specifically after Curse of Michael Myers, the feel of the holiday slowly drifted away from the films. Atmosphere is a crucial point in the series that I personally believe has been forgotten about for quite a while.

Without 100% confirmation that production will begin this Fall, that certainly looks to be the goal. It looks as though all us Halloween fans can do is wait until word breaks that Michael is getting closer and closer to Haddonfield.

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