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Randy 'Jour Knottkoule' Vann

Over the past few months MoviePilot has become inundated with posts that have absolutely nothing to do with recent, currently showing, soon to be showing, in production, or rumored movies. While these reviews of past movies and games have their place, perhaps it is not in the main feed. I enjoy reading these reviews and posts but their presence in the main feed takes away from the original purpose of this site and the reason I began following it and posting to it. I am to the point personally, that if something doesn't change soon, I intend to stop. Stop posting. Stop reading. Just stop everything with this site and all it's great content and contributors.

If I may be so bold as to suggest a change, it would be to have 3 main categories on the home page. 1) Recent, current, and future Movies. 2) All things Gaming. 3) Old movies, more than 1 year a from their release date.

Categorizing things this way would go a long way to cleaning up the feed, keeping current readers and contributers, and perhaps even bring in some new ones.

Comments and thoughts?


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