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One of my favorite parts of growing up was watching movies back to back. Whether it be as a part of a collective film line (Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, etc. etc.) or just two random films that I could find that seemed like an odd couple pairing but somehow worked together in an odd way.

There are so many incredible movies out there, and so many unique ways to link them. The only trouble is sometimes we have trouble remembering a movie after it's been so long. We may look back and think, there was this movie that was incredible but I don't really remember all of it. Ultimately, our memories either save us or torment us - and after thinking about it for a while and trying to remember myself what movies work well together, I came up with the best memory lapsing movies that I've ever seen.

We start our double billing with a classic Christopher Nolan movie about faulty memory: Memento.

Memento is a head-spinning journey into a man's process of learning who killed his wife. Normally this would be a classic mystery, if it wasn't for the main character's inability to retain his short term memories it would be a fairly regular movie. We follow Leonard's (Guy Pearce) story both in forward as he experiences each new memory and in reverse revealing a little more insight into what truly happened.

Following up the gritty 2001 mystery, thriller we'll step into the next feature about missing memories: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Eternal Sunshine is an odd amalgamation of comedy, drama and science fiction as we are introduced to Joel and his girlfriend who has decided to under go a procedure to remove all the memories of each other from their memories. We watch as they both start to slip in and out of reality between what's happening and what's in their memory as they both realize that they still love each other, no matter what they may fight about. As Joel's memories begin to unravel, he travels through them in reverse as he finds the moments that he was happy and tries to recover some semblance of order to his fractured mind.


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