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After an automobile crash, the lives of a young couple intertwine with a much older man, as he reflects back on a past love.

The latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation stars Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood. When it comes to Nicholas Sparks you're either in or out. Director George Tillman Jr. embraced the sanitized banality of Sparks world with a straight face. It's easy to tease those films. It's harder to admit that Sparks is very good at it. He's thoroughly uncynical about love and believes that love is so powerful that it can salvage lives and control the weather.

A significant part of the interest here surely lies in the film's role as a showcase for four moderately known actors. First Robertson, who co-stared in the highly anticipated Tomorrowland. She feels a little over the top, her character's reactions seem too much like movie reaction and not something we'll do in real life. Eastwood, in his first significant starring role, but his potential remains to be determined as he comfortably inhabits a western-style-character.

Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood
Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood

The two of them have nothing in common except golden good looks and a fondness for looking at each other and grinning. Still, they do this well enough that we buy their chemistry. This time characters are keeping apart not by scheming bad guys or misunderstandings but by a genuine concern for one another's happiness. By contrast, Oona Chaplin, grand-daughter of Charles, is the sole younger actor to pop here. Playing the only one of these youthful characters with any boldness or inclination to speak her own mind. It goes without saying that the ladies in Sparks adaptations are all beautiful; but let's be honest, his films are better known for their man. From Gosling to Efron, Costner to Tatum , a romantic hero is the heart and soul of those movies.

Moreover, Nicholas Sparks adaptations are like Michael Bay's movies. You know exactly what you're going to see: a lot of explosions, high contrast, saturated colors and low framed angles of people stepping out of cars. In a NS movie you have old people talking about when they were young and they first met the love of their life and how sad and tragic that is. Plus, young people who want to fall in love but can't because life is tough and something is in the way.

Director makes full use of the lights, black leather and glamour of this modern breed of Rock & Roll riders. The settings and compositions are picture-postcard. For the most part, it's a well directed movie with sold performances. The cinematography is good. It's a good movie that we've seen a million times before, just repackaged with a different structure.

Finally, as usual the ending, in Sparks world, when happiness rains, it pours!

Overall, a good romance never hurst anyone and ultimately can make us endure an implausible plot.


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