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The New enterprise should be using Trans-warp technology. It should also be 10 times the size of Next generations enterprise. It should detach into 20 heavily armed warp capable sections. The whole ship should be like a holodeck on the insides Each section should have real and holographic crew members. One holographic and one human one. Just in case the holo emitters go out. They should use multi-phazic shields, weapons and temperol communicators. There should be no doors or archways in the ship. They should use site to site transporters that are linked to their communicators. The communicators should be a "quantum processor" that's integrated into the brain. All communications are only heard by the intended party.

Also- They should have a LOT of time traveling episodes. Forward and backwards through the time line. I think that the "Q" should be trying to recruit us because of our new technologies.

Human life spans should be elongated to at least 500 years. The crew should be less humans then other species. In fact it'd be sweet if they were mostly mixed species from unlikely matches. Human/Klingon, Volcan/human and so on.
It'd be nice if the federation Allies with the federation because they can't assimilate us.

Star fleet uniforms should look like the suite designed for the character that comes from the Temperate Cold wars. It should have multiple power cells, a tractor beam, It's own transporter, shields super sensitive (tri) {quarter except instead of 3 different beams that scan} and it has hundreds weapons that are built in and cannot be removed and if someone tries, it instantly transports them onto the ship or shuttle. The suit should integrate into our nervous system. One of the many benefits of allying with the Borg.

Star Fleet needs to finally start using a SICK as Cloaking device. It alone should be powerful enough to destroy a planet by it's self when the whole ship is connected.

Say the ship turns into 21 assault vessels and each section is capable of warp 9.9999999999999999999, It should take at least 4 sections attacked together before it's able to trans warp or fold space. That way the ship can break up into 5 groups plus the Admirals section making it 6 full fledged star ships that can trans warp. ( The admirals section should be able to trans warp by it's self. Each section should have insane new temporal photon torpedos, sick phazer cannons and a lot of them.

They should be perfecting time travel but only to use as a new method of traveling. Basically the whole ship is a giant fleet of "Voyager" type vessels. Every room, deck, hallway should have it's own transporter and be capable of transporting from at least a whole light year away. In fact, if you don't have a Star Fleet communicator devise, you should be trapped in whatever place you're beamed to. Basically the ship is sealed by force shields and is a shit load of sealed compartments so that if a whole is blown in the surface- crew men in that section are the only ones that are affected.

Their sensors should be able to read at least a whole quadrant of space. There should be a head captain or admiral controlling the whole vessel and then each section should have it's own captain, first officer, security officer and so on. The head captains staff should of course out rank all the others. Also they should have a shit load of commando units for every section. Basically it should be a trans warp capable star fleet station. Each warp niscells should have it's own reactor. Ever system on the ships assault mode should have it's own reactors and warp niscells that retract out when the ship separates into multiple assault modes. It can divide into 1-20 individual ships in that many different combo's of assault ships. It should basically seperate and transform.

Shuttle crafts should be HEAVILY shielded armored and without shields should be able to orbit a blue giant star without needing shields to protect them. Infact their shields should be dark matter shields that actually absorb any energy and then be converted to the enterprises power grid and or it has a rebound fire. If it takes a shot, the shield should absorb it and have a system that mixes the Enterprises weapons and is amplified 10 times.

The ship should be as large as our moon. It should be shaped like a planet. In fact if people could actually walk on the hull while it's in warp would be sick. It's so big that it has an atmosphere. It should have air and rain. That way one can stand on the hull during warp and trans warp flight.

Finally, The Trans warp niscells should look like a north to south, east to west that wrap all the way around intersecting in two points. It shouldn't fly like an airplane either. There is no atmosphere in space so it should warp in every direction. They should be able to warp fight 360 degrees around the target so it looks as if they're teleporting around the enemy. Call it warp burst fighting. Like the maneuver except for the whole time they're fighting.


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