ByLeonardo Alves Cavalcante, writer at

This series is absolutely killing the franchise! It poops all over the Star Wars universe - the empire is nothing more than a sitting duck waiting to be fucked with and the worst part is that for some reason Lord Vader is extremely hesitant to kill anyone and makes sure to constantly let the rebbel protagonists escape over and over even on straight up 1v1 light-saber fight ! Well, I guess any faggot can mess with Lord Vader right? It's not like he is a Sith Lord who killed countless Jedi ,murdered a fuck ton of younglings back on the Jedi Temple,captured and tortured some HIGH skilled Jedi in order to obtain information to torture and kill some more hidden Jedis... I guess he must've regret all of that and chose to fight like a pussy ,think like a monkey and suck ass in general. But outside of that it's a great show(for five-year olds). Well fuck you Disney!

If you call yourself a Star Wars fan and actually thinks this show is half good you're just a stupid who can't understand the true meaning and symbol that Star Wars offers. It's way beyond you. If you guys want to have fun watching some cool explosions you can watch Ben 10 and stop calling yourselves " Star Wars fan"

(English is not my first language,so don't mind my mistakes!)


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