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Today I watched a film that I have been wanting to watch for some time which was Beyond The Sea, Beyond The Sea is the life story of Bobby Darin an American singer-songwriter and actor during the 60's; this film focuses on his rise to fame, his political stance during the Vietnam War, his relationship with his wife Sandra Dee and all of this happening while dealing with a severe heart condition. Beyond The Sea stars Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, John Goodman and Bob Hoskins.

There are a few positives to this film which include: fantastic music, good story, great acting and good story progression. The main part that needs to be great in a musical is the music and in this movie it is brilliant, Kevin Spacey's voice is a perfect match to Bobby Darin and he sounds great. The story in this film is really good showing this man's struggle through the challenges life threw at him was very well executed and great to watch. The performances in this film are also really good from the leads and the stand out is obviously Kevin Spacey who plays Darin brilliantly showing his performance style on and off the stage.

I do have quite a large problem with the film which is that I didn't like the musical segments; when I say this it doesn't mean I don't like the music, what I mean is I don't like the moments in the film where Darin or any of the other characters sing like they're in a musical. It makes sense with the plot (unlike most musicals) as an older Darin is making a musical biopic of himself with him as the star; the music in these segments are good but when it happens the acting is less believable and it changes the tone of the film and how the story is told. Thankfully the second half of the film doesn't have any of it and the film is better because of it, I still enjoyed the musical moments I just greatly preferred it when it was normal and how they implemented the songs in the rest of the film.

Overall I really enjoyed Beyond The Sea because of its music, story and acting; it just annoyed me that it could've been better but taking the movie as it is and taking into consideration all of what I have said, I rate this film:



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