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Jena Malone has been part of the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice cast for some time now but it was unclear as to what her role is. Initial reports suggested that Malone would portray Carrie Kelly but we now know she will play no other than BATGIRL! Yes! Jena Malone has reportedly been cast as Barbara Gordon. This is big news, especially because we were unsure if Batgirl would be be a part of Batman vs Superman and the DC Cinematic Universe at all.

Is she the right choice?

Jenna Malone will be Batgirl
Jenna Malone will be Batgirl

We have yet to see Batgirl on the big screen so it is hard to judge whether Malone is fit for the role or not. From what I have seen from Jena Malone, she looks like she could make a fine Barbara Gordon. It has been rumored that Commissioner Gordon is dead in the DCCU so Jena could play a emotional broken Barbara Gordon. Whether Jena and Ben Affleck can have good chemistry on screen still remains to be seen so we can't really judge until we see the final product.

How will Barbara Gordon ply into the DCCU?

Barbara Gordon: coming to the DCCU
Barbara Gordon: coming to the DCCU

There isn't much clarification as to how much Barbara will be involved in the film. There are tons of ways that they could introduce her and she may not even be Batgirl right away. I'm sure she will be involved with Bruce Wayne some how, possibly linked together after her father's death. If Commissioner Gordon really is dead, especially if the Joker is involved, Barbara will want revenge. It will be interesting to see if the go down a similar story from "Killing Joke" where Barbara becomes paralyzed due to an attack from The Joker, which lays the groundwork for her to become the Oracle. There are plenty of paths that they could take and I'm excited to see what they do.


Does Jena Malone make a good Barbara Gordon?


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