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Today I watched probably my most anticipated movie of all time, which is Upstream Colour. The reason why I was dying to see it was because it was Shane Carruth's second film, who directed Primer (my favourite film of all time). I realise the movie came out two years ago but it has taken me this long to find somewhere that sells it, I had to hunt a shop down to finally see this film. So as you can probably guess my expectations were quite high. Upstream Colour is the story of two people drawn together because of a similar experience involving a parasite which took control of their bodies. Upstream Colour is directed by Shane Carruth and stars Shane Carruth, Amy Seimetz and Andrew Sensenig.

Well its safe to say that I wasn't disappointed in this film at all and this is for numerous reasons, which include: great direction, brilliant plot, great character interactions, amazing score, incredibly creepy tone and lots of intrigue. To expand, the directing style that was first established in Primer is the same in this film but improved; Carruth has grown as a director from the first film to the second film. The reason why I love his directing style is that it is mostly all visual and doesn't have any exposition or anything explained to the audience, this makes both of his films visually stunning and also really complicated (so I had to concentrate very hard to understand what was going on). The plot is really good so it is worth paying attention to the film and deserves many watches to catch everything that happens (I've seen Primer about 7 or 8 times now and I still find new things, when watching this film I could already tell that the same was going to happen with it). The relationship between the two main characters is really good to watch (as it should be as it is the majority of the film) and the character interactions are very well written (from what little dialogue there is). The score (also done by Carruth) captures and enhances the tone of the film which is exactly what a score is meant to do and this does it perfectly. Speaking on the tone, it is what makes this film great as it makes the mostly silent film have this creepiness about it that compels you to keep watching and see the plot unravel.

On the side of negatives I don't really have any apart from the alright acting and slow pace. One of the negatives of this film is the same as Primer, the acting; its not bad or painful to watch (like some of the people in Debug) it's just nothing special, it doesn't make the film worse but if the acting was better the film would have benefitted. Also this film has quite a slow story progression but it is so expertly done that a slow burn is the best thing for this film and if it differed I think it would have been worse (I know that sounds like more of a positive and it is really but I mention it because I know a slow plot progression is a large negative for some people and is still worth pointing out).

So overall I absolutely loved this film and it definitely reached my expectations, the only thing I don't know is if this is better or worse than Primer it is definitely close; so taking everything I have said into consideration I rate this film:



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