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Anthony Borrelli

I am currently a senior in high school, and have been taking art classes since my freshman year. Pictured above is a black and white watercolor done by my art teacher John Thomas. He is an amazing artist and has taught me a lot. Below are my paintings and drawings that I have done.

1989 Batman Grappling Hook Gun
1989 Batman Grappling Hook Gun

Pictured above is my first tempera black and white painting done my freshman year of high school. To this day it is one of my favorite pieces I have done. Mostly because it was really fun.

The next thing that I did was a colored tempera painting of Iron Man. It did not turn out exactly as I would like it but I am still proud of it being only my second painting.

This was done at the start of my sophomore year of high school. It had only been a few week since the official logo of Batman V Superman was released and in the spirit of things I did official logo of Batman v. Superman. It is done in colored pencils. I know colored pencils may seem more of a child's media but great work can be done with them.

This was done the spring of my Sophomore year. It is also done in colored pencils. I had just finished watching Doctor Who on Netflix and it only made sense for me to incorporate Doctor Who in my next artwork. And what is more perfect than the TARDIS watching Krypton explode. Something even Doctor Who could not prevent because it is a fixed point in time.

And that ends my fan art friday


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