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You gotta love a woman who can look good but kick some ass as well. And to top it off, they can be ninjas! This is the case with these 2 highly skilled ninja chicks.

Elektra Natchios

On and off love interest to the Man without fear, Daredevil, Elektra is one of the most well known female assassins in Comic book history. Incredibly skilled, Elektra is a force to be reckoned with. Looks may fool you, because just look at her, she's gorgeous, but then again she can slit your throat just like that. But my love for her isn't going to win her this fight, lets see her abilities.


  • Master Assassin- Elektra has been trained by numerous masters in the art of killing an opponent, making Elektra just as skilled, if not superior in the art of assassination.
  • Master Martial Artist- Elektra is one of the most highly skilled fighters in the Marvel Universe, allowing her to fight against the likes of Daredevil, Wolverine, and The Punisher. Only few can give her a challenge, but with her great training, it is very rare.
  • Incredible Agility and Aerobics- Elektra's skills and physiques allow her to maneuver around the battlefield as fast and swift as a King Cobra, which assists her when taking out a target.
  • Peak Human Conditioning- Elektra is an Olympic level athlete and Gymnast, further aiding her in her physical dominance as an Assassin.
  • Weapons Master- Elektra has been trained to use many Ninja tools in combat, from Katanas to Bo Staffs to Shurikens. But her pride and Joy comes with her dual Sai, 2 sharp daggers with bladed cross guards, allowing her to slash and pierce her enemies with ease.
  • Hypnosis- Elektra can cast illusions in the mind of an opponent, resulting in them seeing what she wants them to see.
  • Mind Switch- Elektra can insert her mind into an opponent to either locate them, or distinguish them and find out who they really are.
  • Telekinesis- Elektra possesses slight telekinetic abilities.
  • Mind Shield- This grants Elektra an immunity to telepathic assault from other psychics.
  • Silent Scream- Elektra puckers her lips (aw yuss<3) and uses her Chi to release a high pitched scream that can render a person completely deaf, or kill them.

Elektra is a badass, and these abilities prove it, but lets examine her opponent.


Katana is a master Samurai, using her skills to assist the DC heroes to fight evil across the globe. Being a member of the Birds of Prey, Katana is a highly skilled foe, and she also looks freaking badass, but that's besides the point.


  • Master Martial Artist- Katana is an incredible hand to hand combatant. Having spent many years fighting against the forces of evil, Katana has gradually increased her skills over time. Oh yeah, lets not forget that she was trained by Batman as well, who taught her to use pressure points when in battle.
  • Master Tactician- During her time with the Outsiders and Batman, Katana developed keen intellect when in the field of battle, allowing her to become a powerful leader when in combat.
  • Master Swordsman- As a samurai, and hints the name, Katana is a master with the sword, and is arguably one of the best swordsman in the DC universe, only rivaled by the likes of few.
  • Stealth Expert- Katana is a master when it comes to stealth. Being a master with it, she is one of the stealthiest characters in DC, only exceeded by the likes of Batman and few others.
  • Enhanced Speed & Reflexes- Her speed and Reflexes are incredibly more potent than an average human.
  • Great Agility and Acrobatics- Katana possesses agility and acrobatic skill that is incredibly skilled to the peak of perfection.
  • Soultaker- Katana possesses a unique supernatural blade that allows her to take and absorb the soul of those she kills into the sword, hints the name. She is incredibly adept with this sword, as it is her primary weapon of choice.
  • Skilled Weapons User- Katana is adept with many Ninja and Samurai tools besides the standard Katana, like Shurikens and daggers for example.
  • Samurai Armor- Katana possesses armored padding on her person to protect herself from physical damage. While it does have its limits and can only take so much, it does allow her to take enough damage to allow her to dish out just as much.

Alright, well there you go. We know the abilities of these Fem Fatales, so lets see who owns who in the art of ninja badassery.


(An unseen figure is seen on top of a Japanese Temple. The figure is looking down through a window, revealing Katana, who is meditating. The figure suddenly disappears. The lights inside the Temple suddenly go out. The sound of metal clashing against eachother is heard over and over again. Katana is suddenly kicked out of the temple into the Courtyard in the rain. She rolls against the ground and gets onto her feet, getting into a fighting stance with her Soultaker Katana. Multiple shurikens fly out of the temple at Katana, who deflects them with Soultaker easily.)

Katana: Show yourself!

(Elektra walks out of the temple.)

Elektra: I don't want to get my hair wet.

(Elektra grips her 2 Sais and charges at Katana. They clash their blades, swinging them at eachother with expertise. Katana attempts to slash at Elektra's neck, but Elektra uses one of her Sais to trap Soultaker in its crossguard, allowing her to move the sword out of the way. Elektra thrusts her other Sai at Katana, who performs a backflip, freeing Soultaker from the Sai's crossguard, kicking Elektra in the jaw. Katana lands on her feet and she thrusts Soultaker into Elektra's gut, only for Elektra to spin to the side and thrust one of her Sais towards Katana, who jumps up and spin kicks Elektra in the face. Elektra succeeds in blocking Katana's foot with her hand, allowing her to smack her leg out of the way and thrust her Sai into her chest. Katana however swings Soultaker into Elektra's Sai, knocking it out of the way. Elektra then roundhouse kicks Katana in the face, knocking her over. Katana rolls onto her feet while Elektra jumps in the air and slams her 2 Sais down onto Katana, who spins and sends Soultaker's blade into the 2 Sais crossguards, allowing her to hold them back. The 2 have a battle of strength, with Katana using Soultaker to hold back Elektra's 2 Sais.)

Elektra: You're good.

Katana: No need to remind me.

(Katana takes out a Shuriken and slashes Elektra's thigh, allowing Katana to quickly remove Soultaker from Elektra's Sais' crossguards. Katana then quickly slashes Elektra's cheek, drawing blood. Elektra smiles and wipes the blood on her cheek with her fingers.)

Elektra: I haven't bled in battle for awhile.

Katana: Glad to grant you the reminder of what it felt like.

(Katana suddenly begins to see multiple Elektras, confusing her.)

Katana: What's going on?

(The many Elektras begin to attack Katana, who fends them off with ease, only for one of the Elektra's to slash her hip and back. Katana yells in pain, then slashes one of the Elektras into 2, only for it to disperse.)

Katana: Illusions...

(Katana runs away from the illusions. Elektra then disperses the illusions and raises an eyebrow.)

Elektra: She's smart.

(Katana suddenly sees a bright light, blinding her.)

Katana: This isn't real.

(Katana, who is crouching down as the light shines at her face, despite it really being an illusions. Elektra then lunges at Katana and thrusts her Sais into Katana's gut, only for Katana to suddenly spin around, slashing her Soultaker at Elektra, who ducks and slashes Katana multiple times. Katana yells in pain, then slams her Soultaker sword into Elektra, slashing her hip. Elektra yells in pain and the 2 leap away from eachother.)

Katana: Using illusions to take me out, where's your honor?

Elektra: Who said anything about me being honorable?

(Elektra spins her Sais around and charges at Katana. They clash blades against eachother's, creating sparks that fly through the rain. Katana is almost about to slash Elektra's neck, only for Elektra to telekinetically push Katana away. Elektra then lunges at Katana with one of her Sais. Katana thrusts Soultaker into her Sai and moves it out of the way, kicking Elektra in the gut. Katana removes her Soultaker sword and swings it at Elektra's neck, only for ELektra to telekinetically hold Katana in place, then slam her Sai into her gut. Katana coughs up blood, then jams her elbow into Elektra's neck. This allows Katana to spin around, slashing Elektra's arm. Katana thrusts her sword into Elektra's gut, but Elektra crosses her Sais to hold Soultaker in place. Elektra jumps in the air and wraps her legs around Katana's neck, flipping her over. Elektra then slams both of her Sais down onto Katana, who quickly lets go of Soultaker and grabs Elektra's arms. They have another battle of strength, with Katana quickly striking Elektra in the gut with her fist. Katana then slams the handle of her Soultaker sword into Elektra's head, knocking her over. Katana quickly gets up and slams Soultaker down onto Elektra's back, slashing into it. Elektra succeeds in telekinetically hold Soultaker in place before it fully pierces her back. Katana attempts to overpower Elektra's telekinesis, only for Elektra to push Katana away with her telekinesis, then run, use her Silent Scream, putting Katana in tremendous pain, and jump onto Katana, slamming her 2 Sais down into Katana's neck, killing her. Katana falls on her knees, with Elektra removing Soultaker from her back, then smacking Katana onto the ground.)

Winner= Elektra Natchios

Reason: This was surprisingly a really close match. While these 2 are definitely equal in hand to hand combat and weapons play, they each possess multiple advantages over the other. Katana possesses the better armor and protection. She will be able to take more punishment then what Elektra will be able to take, which is crucial. Yes, Elektra has a healing factor, but its not like Wolverine's, it won't heal her wounds instantly in the midst of battle, so that really doesn't come into play. Katana is also strategically smarter. Her time with the Outsider and Batman allowed her to become a strategic genius, something way above Elektra's level. However, this doesn't make Elektra mentally retarded, she is still smart herself, just not to the same extent. But lets start talking about Elektra's advantages, her mystical powers and better physique. She is more agile and flexible than Katana, which will allow her to dodge and maneuver around Katana's strikes, making up for her lack of armor. Her mystical powers is really what gives her the main advantage. Her Hypnosis will allow her to mess with Katana's mind, and while Katana will be smart enough to distinguish what's real and what's an illusion, Elektra's telekinesis and Silent Scream are what seals the deal for her victory. Katana has no direct counter for the Silent Scream and Elektra's telekinesis will allow Elektra to move Katana's strikes off course or hold her in place, allowing her to land the killing blow. Elektra Natchios is the winner.


The Son of Sparda
The Son of Sparda


The God of Mischief
The God of Mischief

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