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You ever have a feeling that you are being messed with. Like you're in some ongoing joke that you have no idea what, if anything is funny about it. One that has been on going so unjustifiably long that the joker may have forgotten why it was funny. Or why the hell he's even still telling the joke at all. Well if you have felt this way you may understand what it's like to be Leonardo DiCaprio at the annual Oscars. Where every year hundreds of A list celebrities dress up in their best dresses and tuxedos with the type of price tags attached to them that remind you just how much you hate every single person with more money then you. Well, at least make you think for a split second that, "Hey! That effing dress can stop hunger in most African villages for two whole months." Food for thought. Anyway for a man to have be involved in the roles and the movies that young Leo has been in, this widely known fact is quite frankly shocking.

Since the days of 'Growing Pains' Leonardo DiCaprio has left people saying, "This boy has something". Good looks, yes. Talent, yes. However he has this underlying "it" factor that can't be put into actual words. Since he debuted on the big screen in 1994's 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' (where he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor) He has been almost unstoppable in his pursuit of becoming one of the greatest actors of our time (hell any time). However what started off as a minor upset for DiCaprio has become a very real issue. "Just what would Leonardo DiCaprio have to do to finally win his first Oscar?"

The list of let downs in nominated roles (What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Blood Diamond, The Aviator, The Wolf Of Wall Street) with standing, and any of those movies would have been a justified win given what roles they went against. It's the rather long list of extraordinary roles that weren't even nominated that leaves people with a jaw dropping look of disbelief. Leo has had leads in movies that have literally swept every category in the show (1996's Titantic) except the lead actor trophy which to everyone's shock did not draw a nomination at all. Perhaps the strongest performer currently in cinema, I mean hasn't he staked his claim with hit after sleeper hit: Inception, The Departed, Django Unchained, J. Edgar, Catch Me If You Can, The Beach (honestly the list is very very long) ALL of which the Oscars choose other actors to nominate at the awards other then Leo. Who, in some cases drew people in and made people continuously watch ALL BY HIM SELF!


So obviously Leo's acting isn't the issue and from the lack of news on Leo we're going to say he's a pretty normal guy (or at least as normal as you can be, being rich, famous, and leading the type of life style a Leonardo DiCaprio does). So let's look at the Oscars itself.
There is no maybe when people say some things about the Oscars. The Oscars ARE boring, some people are under the belief that the Oscars ARE out dated, and others are head strong that the Oscars ARE extremely prejudiced and may be racist as well. No matter what you feel about the Academy Awards and their panel of "experts" who choose the victors. One thing is undoubtedly certain: they do not enjoy Leonardo DiCaprio's movies. So just because I have some time to kill (you lucky buggers) lets break down these other beliefs about the Oscars and see if we can find some common ground.

Queue the fake laughter!
Queue the fake laughter!
  • Boredom
    Absolutely! The show's well over three hours long... annually and I can't figure out what they actually do besides give people a platform to be flashy (which we have covered in the opening of this article). There are no performances unless you count the most of the times extremely BORING type of artist who gets nominated for "Best Song In A Motion Picture". Now I quoted that because most of the time it feels more like the "Best Song To Commit Attempted Suicide By Audio Suffication". It's aired on NBC, and they have gone on record stating that it at times they have had issues with keeping the ratings solid during the airing of the show.
  • Out of Date
    Although we went over most of the reasons why the show is out of date in the Boredom section I feel we should talk about something else just to feel the void, I guess. Joan Rivers. I loved her and I'll actually miss her pre-shows, all the fashion police stuff, and all that other jazz. However we do not ALL need to all know what everyone's wearing any longer. When Louis Vuitton was new and Alexander Wang was affordable it was understandable to tell the fans who may not be very fashion savvy who this hot, and trendy newcomer to the world of fashion is. HOWEVER! No one wears new and or affordable fashion to the Oscars any longer. Everyone wears McQueen or (I promise I mean to sound respectful) some other dead artist just to gloat about how the company (not the designer, because as I just said most of them are no longer living) costume made their dress, which (as stated three times now) would cost the normal man a life savings.
  • Prejudice
    Well let's be fair with this one. Everyone plays favorites, and this movie making giving awards for it thingy (Intentionally awkward) can not and will not be any different, and it might be the true reason why Leonardo hasn't won the proverbial "BIG ONE". However the Oscar has never given a single actor more than FOUR (4) Oscars which adds to the allure I would believe. Now hold on, when you don't give the award to the best, and you have actress like Meryl Streep who has won 3 and been nominated NINTEEN times you enter a different kind of favoritism. Selfishness.
    ALL ACTORS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! They do not all have the same "chops"- some (which we will talk more in depth about in just a second) do not DESERVE what they have been GIVEN by a comity of older ladies and at times gentlemen who want to make everyone (with the exception of Leonardo DeCaprio of course) happy.
  • Racism
    Now here's the thing. The Oscars building into the mid to late nineties had this reputation for not acknowledging African Americans and Mexican Americans for their work in media. I do believe that was a valid point it was kind of obvious they did not give serious thought to ethnic groups. HOWEVER the Academy did something way worse in 2001 when they GAVE both Denzel Washington and Halle Barry Oscars to try and alleviate the bad press. Not taking away from both talents they as workers deserved the awards, however the movies for which they won... did not.

So honestly in light of what we all know about the Oscars why are we surprised by the snubbing of one of America's greatest talents. Why do we watch at all... Because we are media whores, but really I hope that one day Leonardo DiCaprio has his day in the proverbial sun, and gets what he's been pining over and truly deserves. Hopefully we can get more out of a three hour show about who "did it" best, and hopefully everyone is a little more informed on the mindset of the "Greatest Generation" (1940's pun... self high five).

For Joan Rivers
For Joan Rivers

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