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I'm a horror film buff. I try as hard as I can to write some intersting artcils/posts.
Rado Valef

I didn't know if i should pick 2 movies or 2 characters so i pick both categories.

In my character double feature I choose John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson from the cult film ''Pulp Fiction''.

In my film double feature it was a bit difficult to choose. I was between The Blod and Godzilla,The Lego Movie and The human Centepid ,Grinhouse,Toy Story 1 and 2,The fly and The return of the fly,Creature from the black lagoon and It came from outer space,The Birds and Up,Mamma Mia and It's complicated .But I finally choose my all time favours Tim Burton's ''Ed wood" and ''Plan 9 from Outer Space''.

Why ? The one is the biography of the director of ''Plan 9 from Outer Space'' and the other is Ed Wood's cult classic.Both movies have a connection between them.


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