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(WARNING: Potential SPOILERS below. This theory is based off of the comic books, Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, the Iron Man movies, and other movies connnected to the MCU. Please continue at your own risk.)

[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is about to change the entire Marvel Universe. This will be the first time we see our favorite heroes pitted against each other in a huge super powered war. Fans of the hit comic book arch "Civil War" were elated when it was announced the third film would follow the "Civil War" story line. However, as some fans may also know, the aftermath of Civil War features one of the most heart-wrenching scene's in comic book history.

The Death of Captain America

Right after the events of Civil War, Captain America is being escorted to a certain location and as he arrives he is shot by the villain known as Crossbones. What no body at the time knows is that Crossbones wasn't working alone and rather had a whole lot of accomplices in making sure Captain America was dead. I believe that due to certain evidence I have discovered, we will be seeing the Death of Captain America play out on the big screen before the credits role. So without further ado, I present to you exhibit one.


Last time we saw Crossbones was in Captain America: Winter Soldier. At that time, he was actually a SHEILD Agent working for Hydra portrayed by Frank Grillo. We're set to see Crossbones in all his glory in Captain America: Civil War. As I mentioned above, Crossbones is responsible for taking the first shot at Captain America during the after math of Civil War. The directors of Civil War have stated that we should expect an even bigger bad guy than Iron Man. Could that possibly be Crossbones or perhaps someone even more powerful?

I don't think having such a big enemy in an already crowded movie is just for fun, I think Crossbones will play a huge role in the events of the movie. However, Crossbones is merely the muscle behind the assassination, he had a lot of help in taking down his enemy. So I present to you exhibit number 2.

The Faustus Device

The last time we saw the Faustus device being used was in season two of Agents of Shield. This device can be used to brainwash people, and is presumably named after Dr. Faustus, one of Captain America's enemies. In the comics, Faustus is responsible for brainwashing dozens of SHIELD agents under the guise of a psychologist. You might be asking yourself, how does this machine play into the events of Civil War? Faustus uses it to brainwash one person in particular, to manipulate this Shield agent into shooting Captain America after Crossbones takes his shot.

Agent 13 aka Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter is the Agent Faustus brainwashes. Last time we saw Agent 13 was in Winter Soldier as she helped Captain America take down Hydra. and we'll next see her in Civil War. In the comics, she soon becomes a love interest of Cap's and is always by his side. After unknowingly being brainwashed by Dr. Faustus, she shoots captain America multiple times in the stomach which is ultimately the reason he dies.

I believe we'll see a familiar situation play out in Captain America: Civil War. Utilizing the Faustus device, the mastermind behind the assassination attempt will brainwash Sharon Carter into shooting Caption America. We'll likely see this happen towards the end of the film after the Civil War has come to an end, we'll see Captain America being escorted by a group of police officers and Sharon Carter. Then, Crossbones will take up his sniper position and wait for Steve to come into his sights. Once he takes his shot, in between all the uproar, Sharon Carter will sneak close as if seeking to help Steve but rather she shoots him numerous times. However, in order for this plan to work, someone of great intellect has to be the mastermind. I present to you exhibit number 3.

Aleksander Lukin aka the Red Skull

You might be asking yourself "How can the Red Skull come back? Didn't he die in the first Captain America?" Here is what I propose. We'll see Aleksander Lukin come in as the head of Kronos Corporation, a leading international company that has just bought out Roxxon. In the comic books, Aleksander Lukin actually shared his body with the mind of the Red Skull after the Skull supposedly died.

How will this play out in the MCU? Well, we've seen the big corporation Roxxon in numerous films and television shows connected to the MCU. It's appeared in Agents of Sheild, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, and Agent Carter. Throughout Agent Carter it is apparent that Roxxon has no morals or ethical business practices. However, with the events that take place in the Iron Man movies and Agents of Shield, Roxxon has presumably lost millions in damages. If they go under, then someone will need to buy the huge oil company. This would be a great way to bring in Lukin and bring back the Red Skull.

Of course, if Marvel is planning on bringing Lukin into Civil War, they'd have to bring a rather big name to play him, and so far it seem we know who everyone one is playing. That is expect for one big name.

Martin Freeman

Though it has been confirmed that Freeman will be in Civil War, nobody is spilling any beans on who he will be playing. If it was a small character such as a government agent or an activist, it seems odd that Marvel would be so secretive. My theory is that Freeman will play the charismatic CEO Aleksander Lukin. Further evidence to this theory is what Marvel Producer said about Freeman's addition to the cast:

"From his roles as Bilbo Baggins and Doctor Watson to Tim in 'The Office,' Martin's range from the dramatic to the comedic has consistently impressed us," said "Captain America: Civil War" Producer Kevin Feige. "We couldn't be more honored or excited to have such a talented actor join the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

The important part to take note here is Feige praise of Freeman's range from dramatic to comedic. In order to play Lukin, Freeman has to be able to portray a mad man, going from his own Lukin mind to that of the villainous Red Skull. If this theory proves to be true then it would explain why Marvel is keeping Martin Freeman's role under wraps. Finally I present to you the final exhibit...

Sebastian Stan

The Winter Soldier actor started out with a 9 picture deal with Marvel Studios. If he was meant to remain in his sidekick role forever, I highly doubt he'd be signed onto so many movies. So how is this connected to Captain America's death? The Winter Soldier takes up the Captain America shield after Steve Rogers dies. With all this evidence, it seems highly unlikely we'll see Captain America make it out of the movie alive, and it looks like we''ll see his death play out on the big screen in a similar manner as it unfolded in the pages of his comic book. Unfortunately, if this does happen, I for one will be crying the entire time.

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