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The hype for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is gaining some incredible steam and is most likely the most anticipated movie of 2016 but i'm going to be giving you reason why it could be the best comic book movie of all time.


For the first time ever Batman and Superman will be in the same movie, the first time ever in history that enough for people to get excited as this has never been done before. We've seen it in comic books, animated films, and video games but we've never seen it in live action but on March 25th that will all change and history will be made. As Henry Cavill stated it going to be "cinematic history".


The themes in Batman v Superman could get people talking for a very long time about the film, what if Superman did exist in our world? The reaction in Dawn of Justice is a very realistic one being split down to the wire, some worship him as a god and thinks he could do good for the planet while others think he a devil and will do no good and want him to leave. The controversy in Man of Steel with all the destruction was a gutsy call to make but it paying off in Batman v. Superman as consequences will have a big part to play in Dawn of Justice. If Snyder can company can juggle these themes the right way look out .

Box Office

Batman v. Superman could potentially be the highest grossing comic book superhero movie of all time. It going to reach a billion dollars worldwide but it could even surpass the Avengers record as being the highest grossing superhero movie of all time just because of two heroes, Batman and Superman as it never been done before. Batman v. Superman has potential to break kinds of records at the box office, if Jurassic Park could break records for highest ever box office and even surpass the Avengers on list of highest grossing movies off all time at No. 3 then Batman v. Superman should be a guarantee to break those records.


The hype for Batman v. Superman is reaching an all time high, when 2016 is bought up this movie is mentioned and people are dying for this movie to come out including myself. When the two trailers came out people were losing there minds over this movies especially the Comic-Con trailer that just recently came out which gave me chills down my spine. When the movie nears expect a choose your side campaign with hashtags being named team Batman or team Superman with people being divided on who side to choose.

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman first ever theatrical debut will be in Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice. So far there have been mixed reactions on Gal Gadot being Wonder Woman and critics will be urging to see her performance in the movie and how her role will play out in the film.

Batman and Superman will be fighting

It's a no brainer that in Batman v. Superman Batman and Superman will be fighting hencing the title name, but this part of the film is the one that creating the most buzz and will sell the most tickets as people will be intrigued how Batman can even stand up to Superman. These two titans will duke it out on the big screen and it could be a visual spectacle on screen and a dazzle to watch seeing Batman and Superman trade blow for blow to each other. People will want Superman to win others will want Batman to win and that gonna create a lot of buzz that the movie theaters will be packed just to see this fight scene go down. I personally want to see Batman win but at the end of the day i just want to see a epic fight on the big screen between these two icons .

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