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Setting the scene. I'm eating pizza, watching The Amazing Spider-Man of FXX. And I think i've done it. I've solved the cinematic Spider-Man problem.

Time after time, Spider-Man's media representations fail. Now, Spider-Man is coming into the MCU. We can not let another failure happen. And the solution is simple.

The Problem

While the MCU's Spider-Man won't have an origin( Thank God, enough already), there is one thing setting it back from being a true success.

He's not wrong....
He's not wrong....

The movie format. We've had Maguire, Garfield, and we've moved on past both. I think what's gone wrong all this time is the studios are forced to pick a good enough villain to have the potential to keep Parker busy for two hours. And then the sequel rolls around, and you need as many villains as the number in the title of the movie.

The solution

As I said in the first paragraph, the Cinematic Spider-Man problem. Cinematic. There's your problem. Marvel Studios, Spider-Man needs a show! Now an Ultimate Spider-Man, or a Spectacular Spider-Man, no more cartoons. And, while we're at it, no more Avenger cartoons. They're not gonna work.

A live action Spider-Man, possible even a Netflix original. That would have the series length to introduce new villains every episode, but also the opportunity to have a season-long mastermind type.


Electro, Rhino, Sandman. Good enough baddies, but they are not big ticket villains. However, they are perfect 30 min-1 hr villains for Spider-Man to take on. The pilot could be a smaller enemy, a Vulture or a possibly a Shocker.

Possible story arcs that could take place would be Peter Parker's identity stolen by Chameleon, or him being on Kraven's radar.

In conclusion

Spider-Man just isn't cut out for 2 hour long movies. He's a hero who needs a live- action TV show that would feature a new villain every one to two episodes. But, there's something that may not have been considered. Is Tom Holland too big for TV? If that's the case, then a Spider-Man TV is NEVER happening.


Do you want to see a live action MCU Spider-Man TV show?


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