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Well things just got really dark and still surprisenly light hearted and emotional.

So going a bit into spoiler territory for episode 2:

It seems that Spidey's second villian an original one called Grey, did something terrible to Gwen Stacy. she was raped by the villian and almost died. It was actually clever how they brought Shocker back, being a manifesation of Peter's guilt for what happend in the pilot and for not killing Grey. Spidey was defeated by a non powered Villian and I honestly hope we see episodes like this form time to time. Just regular Criminals here and there. But Man is this Heart Breaking.

We also in episodes 2-5 see an exciting take on the sinister six, at least how these six villians are created with two Original villians. it's unique set up and we dive more into the Charles Nolan and Norman Osborne. their realtionship, and interactions are just kind of cool.

Concept Art of the Vulture drawn by Zack A. Clarke
Concept Art of the Vulture drawn by Zack A. Clarke

I love how Peter himself is also evovlving during these episodes; and that fight with tartuntula in episode 5 HAS to be my favirotie action scene ever! so the big pro's about episodes 2-5 are as follows:

- BETTY BRANT! she is defantly a fun addtion to the seires and works so well. I keep picturing Cludia Donavan herself, Alison Scaglioti as Betty Brant.

- The Sinister Six / proto 6: work very well, they arn't a team for long,but I like how this is set up and the seasons 2 parter ep.3-4 also show case their villians better leading us to:

- Character Deveoptment. these characters are being fleshed out n a very organic matte and while it can also be sorta of a con in terms of how some things are just convient wishing these episodes where longer. Just take notes MCU,DCCU,etc this is how you make villians, fun, exciting,but complex and human, along with the main characters.

- The Action: Oh my Goodness, the action is very well done. Sure its not Spider-man 2 Amazing, but its better then say TASM1 and Spider-man 1.

The Spider [Frontal Shot] Concept Art by ZClark
The Spider [Frontal Shot] Concept Art by ZClark

and now to the cons:

- A Few big conviences: they jsut seem to come otu fo nowhere and become almsot plot point-ish. like for example:

Adrian Thoomes had a grandson that looks like Peter Parker who also name is Peter? COME ON! I mean I can sort of see it being realsitc in some ways but it just feels kind of cliche'.

- a few shoe-in cameos: I knwo thsi is its own marvel universe but just because they now:

linked Doctor Strange's Origins to this spidey episode, makes me scrach my head a little.

other then that, it's still pretty damn good and I am loving what i am seeing right now. I hope these guys do get hired becuase Philip Brocklehurst and Dylan Bailey seem to understand these characters more so then probably John Fransis Daley & Jonathan M. Goldstein.(As you can tell i'm not a fan of these guys they made one good movie thus far. I Rather get a couple of unknowns who understand the character then have him suck by "good ones".)

Concept Art of Gwen Stacy. Art By Zarkery A. Clark
Concept Art of Gwen Stacy. Art By Zarkery A. Clark

Next time, I'll talk about the rest of season one, and post something up for you all.


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