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Ok, we all know that Marvel has blown us all away with their intricate web of interwoven plots, characters, and themes... but can DC possibly catch up?

The answer is NO. They can't catch up. They shouldn't even try. To appreciate these films we're about to be hit with we have to stop comparing the two rivals and let the work stand on its own. DC shouldn't try and be Marvel, they have the history and fan base to stand on their own. Marvel shouldn't even be part of the equation.

Now, DC has a little head start by already creating a mini universe with their television programming. I think they've missed an opportunity to not tie them in together but I understand that going in to this big-budget universe they wanted a clean slate and to not have to be beholden to anything.

Christopher Nolan's fantastic Dark Knight trilogy was really an amazing example of comic book inspired film, and so was Tim Burton's two entries in the series back in the 90s. Christopher Reeves first couple of movies were classics, but alongside all those great movies there have been a lot of crap. Now, Zach Snyder tried to make his own mark with Man Of Steel and reception was decidedly mixed. However, Warner Brothers had enough faithful that film to hand the rest of the brand to the director for the time being. Personally, I loved Snyder's take. I thought it was strong and faithful to the material while ago being original. It also took one of my biggest pet peeves with the mythos (Lois can't discern two men in her life as being the same person) out.of the equation, giving us a female protagonist eight off the bat that I can get behind.

However, even detractors from Snyder's take have plenty to look forward to here. Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, a new and exciting take on Lex Luthor, not to mention the excitement brought by David Ayers Suicide Squad, a dream project with obvious close ties to BvS.

Basically, Warner Brothers a lot to offer us here, and they aren't skimping on money talent, or time to bring it to us. As fans I think we should all try and be more receptive to the forthcoming projects instead of pronouncing them dead on arrival a year before we even experience them.


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