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The story of Chariot is rather basic; you play a Princess and her Fiancé who have to help guide a king’s spirit to a worthy tomb. The rest of the game is exploring different areas attempting to find the most suitable location.

Game Play:

You control either the Princess or the Fiancé or enter co-op mode. You guide the chariot by manually pushing it, or pulling the chariot with R2 with a chain. You can pull the chariot closer with L1 and slack it further away with L2. There are enemies that will be alerted by sound, so be on the alert as they will try to steal the gold you collect. You can fend them off with the square button.

When you progress the mechanics will become more prevalent as the challenges increase. The checkpoints are a really big reliever and are activated once the king is over the gate. There may be instances when the grappling mechanic might get you stuck so there is always a quick reset with O. Beyond that, with more mechanics comes more items to unlock to clear obstacles such as the darkness, snow and lava. You'll have to collect a certain numbers scrolls to unlock the item to overcome that mechanic. Sometimes you have to carry a crate that will stack on the chariot to shredder that will spit out a scroll.

There are death barriers indicated with blue lines and death skulls that appear, which only the chariot can cross and there are also life paths that are the opposite and are represented with green lines and grass. These will also become more difficult to cross as some might intersect as times.


The game is a 2D adventure puzzle/ platforming game. There is an over all simplistic design. However, it has great details like light particles, lava blur effects and growing plant life and crystals. The games design is well thought out within the puzzles themselves increasing in difficulty with each level. It might require getting bearings and experimenting on what works. The simplistic nature of the design is pleasing and in no way distracting, so more focus is put on the puzzle itself.


The music is pleasant coming in at the right time feeling the game with the right energy. Instances of great placement are empathized with enemy encounters or puzzles that need to be done quickly. There are few instances when sounds doesn't play when it should but that is a minor issue.


The king is stubborn ghost wanting the perfect tomb. He demands protection against monsters and that you don't travel too far or it will reset you to the last checkpoint. He usually makes remarks any of the scenarios of monsters, distance or death on you or the chariot.

The Princess is the player in purple with blue hair. She has a sword. She is the first playable character as you start the adventure. Once the map opens up you can switch to her Fiancé. He has a slingshot. He has a crown and is the one in blue. These two don't talk but express with movements of either accomplishment or failure.

The Skeleton with a hat is there to sell essential items to accomplish the game. He also talks and will change what he says depending on what area you select.


This is a really fun game and it will test platformers abilities quite well. This game does require a bit of patience and might require a few do overs to achieve the objective. Collecting the scrolls is critical for progression so try to collect them the first time around. Co-op is optional and will open up more challenges and secrets. The levels are balanced really well building up the challenges as player’s progress further in the game.


Anyone who is looking for a deep story won’t find it with this game. This game requires patience. The design is basic and more focused on creating really interesting platforming, so anyone in the high graphics department won’t find their game here. This game is for anyone who enjoys platformers, and a good co-op game.

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