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Earlier this month, it was rumored that Rachel McAdams, one of the stars of HBO's True Detective, is going to have a role in the upcoming Marvel film, Doctor Strange. While it's still unclear if she'll be joining the film, it seems that McAdams has a different role in mind. A role set in a different universe altogether.

Black Orchid
Black Orchid

According to a tweet, posted by Amy Kaufman (of LA Times), Rachel McAdams would rather portray the DC character Black Orchid. Black Orchid is a superhero with powers of super strength, flight and near-invulnerability.

She's been a member of both the Suicide Squad and Justice League Dark, two teams from the darker corners of DC who happen to be getting their own films in the near future.

Now, Rachel's love for Black Orchid doesn't automatically mean that she's getting a movie, nor does it put her out of the running for the Doctor Strange film. But with DC bringing the Suicide Squad and the JLD to life on the big screen, it's entirely possible that the character could be featured in a future DC film. Perhaps we'll see her in Suicide Squad 2 or Justice League Dark?

And for those that were hoping she'd get the Doctor Strange gig, all is not lost. She could easily be in both a Marvel and a DC film. Actors like Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck and Natalie Portman have crossed the streams before.

Rachel McAdams could easily portray whoever it is she's portraying in Doctor Strange, and then go on to portray Black Orchid in a future DC film.

What's interesting is that Rachel McAdams seems to want to portray the Neil Gaiman version of the character. Neil Gaiman is a writer known for the graphic novel The Sandman. His version of Black Orchid involves the original, Susan Linden being killed by her abusive husband—with her human/plant hybrid clones taking her place.

If McAdams were to portray this version of the character, it'd make for a dark story with some Orphan Black vibes to it. I wouldn't be opposed to that at all!

What Do You Think? Would Rachel McAdams Make A Good Black Orchid?

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