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The Flash Season 1 finale was chalk full of cliffhangers. Eddie dies, Reverse-Flash gets whisked away into nothingness, and a giant wormhole opens over Central City causing mass destruction. Barry tries to stop it by doing what he does best… running really friggin’ fast!

Obviously all of this will play a part in Season 2. Central City is in shambles and the timeline is all sorts of screwed up. So we put together 5 of the biggest questions from Season 1 that we think will get answered in The Flash’s sophomore season.

Watch Steve and Scott go over the top 5 theories in the video above, or if you're not the video viewing type read the blogged out version below:

5. Season 2 Will Not Necessarily Take Place in a New Timeline

Barry looking at his future self
Barry looking at his future self

So Eddie shoots himself, which means Eobard Thawne was never born, which means Barry’s mom was never killed, which means none of Season one had ever happened. While that might be the way things appear to be heading, it just doesn’t make sense for DC’s other TV properties.

Arrow has already crossed over with The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow is set to crossover and Supergirl may (hopefully) crossover at some point in the future. That being said, a new timeline would really fubar the groundwork that Arrow and Flash have already established. Starting a new timeline would have way too many confused viewers trying to figure out what happened and when.

Instead we’ll get elements of a new timeline while remaining somewhat in the same time. Some things might be different, but most of the character's memories will remain in tact. The wormhole will most likely be used as a plot device to transfer new characters and villains into the series much like the particle accelerator was in season one (could it be a wormhole to Earth 2?!)

4. Dr Wells (the Real Dr. Wells) Will be a Good Guy

This falls into the category of "some things might be diffrerent." The best actor in season one was undoubtedly Tom Cavanagh. The entire season left you wondering what his intentions were. Even when you found out that he was the Reverse-Flash, you still had your doubts that maybe he wasn’t REALLY the Reverse-Flash. Cavanagh’s acting was so good in season one that he’s already confirmed to come back in season two.

With Eobard Thawne seemingly gone, the real Dr.Wells was never killed. We know Tom Cavanagh is coming back so it’s to our understanding that he may be that anxious caring scientist we saw in the flashback of season one.

3. We’ll See Vibe and/or Killer Frost

Not only did we learn that Cisco was a metahuman in The Flash finale, we also got an actual glimpse of Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost! With 20+ episodes per season, there’s a very high chance we’ll see Killer Frost or Vibe by the time season 2 comes to a close.

Getting excited for Killer Frost might be a little too premature as Caitlin really doesn’t have any motivation to suddenly turn evil. It just doesn’t fit the character that was built up in season one, but hey, the season is long and anything can happen.

Seeing Cisco as Vibe is probably more possible. Assuming that our #5 theory is correct, Cisco will remember what Wells told him, believing that he was indeed a metahuman also. Cisco isn't the type to keep this knowledge in and wait for something to happen. Look for some Cisco experiments that will tease us each week until the big reveal, much like his buddy Ray Palmer did in Arrow season 3.

2. Jay Garrick will be Barry’s New Mentor

Fanboys alike lost their sh*t when Jay Garrick’s helmet emerged from the wormhole in last season’s finale. Teddy Sears (Masters of Sex) will play Garrick in season two. All sorts of craziness will emerge from the wormhole threatening Central City. Barry is going to need help saving the city, and that’s where Garrick is going to step in.

Based from the voice over of Garrick in the Season 2 trailer, it appears Garrick has ran around the block few times. He’s wiser and probably more in tune with the Speedforce than Barry is. Garrick will take up the new mentor role throughout the season, training Barry for what lies ahead in his future (or past.) Garrick and Barry come from two different times and worlds, so don’t be surprised if the two butt heads at times.

1. Eddie Is Zoom

Before you think it…. we know, Hunter Zolomon is Zoom in the comics, but this isn’t the comics. Hunter Zolomon’s Zoom and Eobard Thawne’s Reverse-Flash are so similar that they might as well just go with the exact same character for the season two villain. Doing this may confuse some of the non comic reader fans because we’re getting essentially the same character we saw in season one.

There was rumors going around that Eddie was a character named Cobalt Blue. Cobalt Blue was a blue speedster that appeared in a limited amount of Flash comics. Cobalt Blue was actually Barry’s evil twin brother who was adopted by the Thawnes. We doubt they’re go with this side of the story as it’s just reaching too much for the TV show. However, we think they’ll adopt a similar look to Cobalt Blue but give him the more popular name of Zoom.

The show has basically laid it all out for us. Rumors of Eddie as Cobalt Blue is nothing new. Recently we were treated to the season two trailer showing a blue speedster with the tagline “Zoom is coming.” It just makes the most sense and could be why Barry and Iris still don’t get together in season two. Of course there’s always the chance that CW is tricking us and the blue speedster is not Zoom, but we think it’s unlikely.


Who do you think Zoom is?


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