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A guide to all versions of Deathstroke the Terminator

Classic Deathstroke

The original Deathstroke the Terminator started off just being called "The Terminator" until the movie of the same name. He wore spandex and chain mail. His iconic weapon besides the sword was his energy lance. As a person he was primarily just a hired gun, and the best, but he also had his own story beyond an origin.

Teen Titans- Slade

This version of Deathstroke had his name reduced to "Slade" for being on a children's show. It's the first time his mask became a helmet, and his arsenal is reduced to a retractable Bo staff. There is less orange to the suit and replaced with metal plates. As a character he acted like an evil mastermind.

New 52

Keep Calm and Carry a Big Sword
Keep Calm and Carry a Big Sword

Deathstroke is all new in the sense of his arsenal and armor. He wears an Iron Man style helmet, He loses the energy lance, his sword is huge and made of promethium, and he wears Nth metal and promethium spiked armor.

Young Justice

In this short-lived show, Slade Wilson has long hair, dark armor, Bo staff, and a big sword.


Here we see Slade went through similar experiences to Ollie, but turns into an evil mastermind. He wields guns and a katana and wears heavy armor.


Normal world- masked, mercenary

Inverse world- unmasked, insurgent member

DLC- classic suit and Arkham Origins suit

Arkham Origins

I have not played Arkham Knight yet
I have not played Arkham Knight yet

Slade Wilson is the first major boss. He is playable. He wields his sword, Bo staff, and guns.

Son of Batman

His origin is based around the League of Assassins. He is vengeful. He uses twin katanas.


Which is your favorite Deathstroke?


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