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After Stardust ripped up an issue of Green Arrow on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Stephen Amell posted this on his self-run Facebook page:

Dang. Look at his veins.....
Dang. Look at his veins.....

Now, I can't be the fist to make this joke, by far.... But Stardust has failed this city. Earlier this Summer during San Diego Comic Con, Stephen was part of the Nerd HQ interview, same as last year, during which a fan asked, "So, Stephen, are you gonna wrestle Stardust?"

"Summer Slam. Uhh I'm not gonna not wrestle Stardust at Summer Slam. I am probably gonna be doing stuff with WWE. I don'tt know if that means wrestling a match"

The rivalry started when Stardust called Stephen out in the crowd during a May, and has been referenced and hinted at since, the most recent being Stephen's reaction to Stardust's actions on Twitter.

Look at his profile picture.....haha
Look at his profile picture.....haha


Who's going to win?


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