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Should we retain anything from Mary Shelley's Bride of Frankenstein let it be this: the most precious treasure to hold onto dearly, is free will. Presuming that we are made for another might as well set us back in the grave.

Inspired by Shelley's Bride, "Adore" can easily be spoken about on a very personal level, but like any personal story broken down and distilled to symbolism, the hope is that this Bride reaches as many people as possible by echoing the gravity of Shelley's final lesson.

"Adore" by Emilie Boisvert -
"Adore" by Emilie Boisvert -

There are many things we do for love, be it for any kind of love as love itself can take many different forms. Generally if it hurts, chances are, its love, for love leaves us feeling vulnerable and exposed by challenging our realities. Resultantly It quite often feels like an organ left pulsating like a giant sore in our trembling hands. Anything else is a mere reflection of it.

"Adore" celebrates this horrific side of love with a heart wide open.

I believe that it is this vulnerability - of a heart in our hands - which leaves us in a very powerful position, for most importantly, love is always a choice, and with a heart in your own hands, the choice remains forever yours to make. We quite often associate it with a strike of lightning that sweeps us in a fury of uncontrollable impulses. We are told that we cannot chose love, that love choses us - a very romantic notion conveniently stripping us of the burden of free will if you ask me. I challenge this notion. By acknowledging love, we still have a choice on whether we wish for the kindling flame to grow into something meaningful by choosing how we wish for it to manifest in our lives, and most of all how we wish to reciprocate it. It is this fundamental choice which I believe makes the difference between true love and a blinding, fleeting infatuation.

Most importantly, it doesn't matter how you have been assembled and for what reasons you have come to be. What matters is what you chose to be by what you aspire to become. The only way to make those first steps is with a certain self-love which blossoms by a simple choice.


Emilie Boisvert

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