ByCheryl Janesek Jensen, writer at
Cheryl Janesek Jensen
...storyline. People keep calling it rape. As horrible as it was, within the context of the story it was not rape. They were married, and in the medieval style world this is story is set in, Ramsey, loathsome as he is, is her husband and entitled to have sexual relations with her any way he wishes. Tyrion could have done so as well. He chose not to. While in our modern world we understand the concept of rape within a marriage, there is no such concept in the medieval world. In addition, Cersei was raped by her brother, and there wasnt near the same reaction. Also, as some have pointed out, others have suffered severe brutality (such as Theon) that has not engendered such a strong reaction. How about the poor prostitutes that were Joffreys victims? What about the two peasant children Theon burned alive? But its the treatment of Sansa Stark (who, Im sorry, caused many of her own problems - see Season One) that gets everyone going??? Color me confused. Personally I found the burning of Shireen far more disturbing, but it doesnt make me think they are glorifying the brutality of children, and Im still going to watch the show.

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