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This is my 50th article. For many Creators on this site, that seems like a lot. For others, it seems like nothing. But to me, it is a landmark. Four months ago, when I first started writing, I didn't think much of it. I figured I would just give it a shot because I was bored one night. From there, I realized how awesome this site is, and I just never stopped.

I have spent hours on this site, not just writing, but also reading other people's posts, giving feedback and following their social media pages. It has been a real blast. I have written an assortment of articles, from fan fiction regarding the Red Skull, to news about the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, to why film piracy is such a huge threat, and even a strange article about Will Ferrell taking off his shirt in almost every one of his movies.

I really recommend you try writing for this awesome site! It is surprisingly fun and entertaining. Here are seven reasons why I love writing for and why you should start writing too!

1. The Community is Amazing

When I first joined, I knew nothing about the other writers. But after meeting many on Facebook and seeing plenty of them comment on my articles, I realized how nice they can all be. There are many 'blogging' websites where everyone hates each other for having different opinions. Here on Moviepilot, the writers (aka Creators) all have a mutual respect for one another. The worst response I have ever had from a fellow Creator was constructive criticism, which is always helpful. I am good friends with many other Creators and we all tend to help each other out when its needed.

2. Endless Opportunities

Moviepilot offers plenty of opportunities to many Creators, not just the 'good ones'. Some of these opportunities include being flown to an event like ComicCon, being able to see an early premier of a movie, being sent an official unreleased trailer, arranging interviews with big Hollywood stars and filmmakers, etc. I have been able to experience at least one of these and hope to get more opportunities like it. There aren't many thrills greater than getting that exciting opportunity.

3. Special (Secret) Perks

There are plenty of other perks besides just the opportunities above. One of the bigger ones is when Moviepilot wants you to review a movie or a game. Instead of having you go rent the movie / game, they just send you a free copy of it to keep! That is just one of many perks I have experienced in my time with Moviepilot, and I still cherish that movie sitting among my collection.

4. The Publicity

My favorite part about Moviepilot is actually seeing how much publicity some of my posts may receive. I see this in the Read Counter (you can see mine at the top of this post). It shows how many people have read each post, and there is also one on each person's profile for their total reads over time. It is an enormous thrill to me when I randomly check Moviepilot to see that one of my more recent articles reached over 1,000 reads. My most read article on Moviepilot so far reached around 114,000 reads, which was actually a big surprise to me. Some posts make it big, some don't. But when one of them does, it gets your blood pumping from excitement in ways you never knew were possible.

5. The Contests

About every week, Moviepilot hosts a writing contest. This usually includes writing an article about the certain theme they give you (such as recasting a movie, writing a character's back story, etc.) with different prizes each week. I have entered numerous contests, and have won one of them, and was a runner up on another. But after writing many contest entries, I realized that they were more than just entries; they were actual posts that got my brain thinking in new ways. These contests inspired me to write even more, and I am thankful for that. I am also thankful for the free T-shirts from the week I won.

6. Seeing New Opinions You Wouldn't See Anywhere Else

Moviepilot is home to all sorts of different Creators: DC fans, Marvel fans, Horror fans, Art fans, Classical fans, Sci-Fi fans, Music fans, Book fans, etc. The list can go on forever. But on my explorations through the site, I have seen new viewpoints, theories and strategies I have not seen on any other site. I've also had some pretty in-depth conversations about different movie topics with other Creators that I would not be able to have with anyone else. It is just a new dimension that I as a movie fan have fully embraced and grown to love.

7. Getting Your Work Out There

As I said earlier, one of the best parts about Moviepilot is the publicity. The website has over 70 million viewers each month, giving plenty of opportunities for new people to see your work. It's not just 'normal' people who see your posts though. Many of the posts on Moviepilot have gone on to be shared by celebrities, like Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and Grindhouse star Eli Roth. There was even a case where the official Chipotle twitter account favorited one of the articles.

Writing for Moviepilot was one of the best decisions I made in my life. It is fun, it is thrilling, it is interesting and, best of all, it gets my mind moving in ways it would not have before.

I love this site and I strongly urge you to start writing yourself. I'm not asking for a commitment, but just try one article. Maybe make it about your favorite movie or your favorite actor, or a character you would like to see added to a comic book movie franchise. It's up to you! Just get your mind moving, start with the first sentence and the rest will come in no time.

If you do try writing something on Moviepilot, share the link to your article in the comments below and I'll take a look at it! And thanks for reading!


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